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Is TNA Impact wrestling finally getting to be better than WWE?

now my entire life ive been firmly in WWE's corner wasnt around for WCW (17 yrs old so im not a little kid lol) but i was around for the attitude era granted i was a kid back then it was still amazing and i wish WWE were more like that today as does everybody. now ive been on the TNA is terrible bandwagon this entire time and thought it was a joke when they tried going to monday nights but lately ive given TNA a legit shot and actually tried watching it like i would RAW or SD and tbh... i think its better... now dont get me wrong WWE has the potential to be loads ahead of TNA they just dont know how to use that potential instead you have cena who even though i am a fan of and always have been even back when he was heel oh so long ago. cena has gotten EXTREAMLY stale and thats why im happy hes turning heel here soon he needed it basically what you have is WWE misusing talent and having guys like orton and jericho who refuse to step aside and let the future of the company take over. why hasnt cody rhodes won a world title yet? kofi kingston? all these young guys that are so talented yet get intercontinental/us titles which nowadays thanks to booking mean NOTHING in the least. the tag division is all but dead and the divas are literally there for people too lazy to go watch porn... WWE is honestly getting pathetic the only good thing left really as of now is mr voice of the voiceless best in the world C.M. Punk. meanwhile TNA has a solid womans division for the most part but tbh i dont even care about that so much because in the end divas are divas when it comes to wrestling "knockouts" or otherwise. TNA's tag division is lacking a bit now i think but its still better than WWE's even without beer money inc and 3D and Ink Inc. but besides that you have world champion bobby roode who is playing the heel role to a fricken T and this comparison is made alot but is comparable to Triple H back before he started to suck im gonna get alot of hate for this 1 but TBH when it first started it sucked but after awhile i think immortal is better than evolution was. at first immortal sucked not gonna lie but after awhile it picked up and they got the hang of it and it worked perfectly as this unstoppable force that controlled everything like evo was. the only thing i dont like is how sting pretty much destroyed immortal by himself i think it shoulda been TNA vs immortal thing where they all did it together but thats just my 2 cents. then you have things like fortune which sinse have disbanded but fortune was a badass stable as well. the story lines make me want to keep coming back to find out what happeneds. with wwe nowadays i watch RAW if i have nothing else to do and almost never watch SD anymore.... i used to watch both religiously (never watched the new ECW because it was bad or NXT which is worse yet lol) but on thursday im sure to catch IMPACT 1 way or another. TNA is just beating WWE in pretty much every conceivable way at this point excluding fan base and obviously if the product is better. the fans will catch on eventually. TBH if impact would make a title like the old hardcore title 24/7 defense id never miss a ******* moment from ppv's to impact itself i think were on the dawn of IMPACT wrestling taking over the buisness and this is coming from a WWE guy

bottom line IMO if rock beats cena at WM im done with WWE and ill just watch TNA from now on because and im gonna get ALOT of hate from #Teambringitviasatellite for this but the rock doesnt deserve to beat cena hes never freakin there... EVER he came back after 7 years of saying "I dont wanna be known as that WWE guy" completely abandoning the company and wants nothing to do with it doesnt even want ppl to refer to it. Then his movie career starts to take a dive so he comes back for some massive promotion and everyone acts like hes doing it because he wants to "Oh rocky i knew youd come back for us" news flash he came back because his movies suck. then he ahs the nerve to say hes FINALLY back "Home?" ***** your home is Hollywood now you abandoned us... and need i even mention "I'm back and im never leaving again" we have seen him how many times since then? like 5 or 6 including survivor series (im talking about @ a WWE event not just on satellite) and some make the argument "hes too busy with his movie to go to all the events"... Cena filmed the marine and showed up every single damn day so dont give me that same with kane and See no evil and hell dibiase jr with marine 2 as well

sorry for the wall of text lol

anywho thats just my opinion on it whats yours?

and as for WWE and Vince McMahon...

Sorry about your damn luck


people are talking about my comments on the rock vs cena situation and i felt the need to respond to the one saying the rock never got stale as cena has. you are 100% right and i never said the rock wasnt good hell ill say it hes arguably better than cena from a technical and even mic standpoint.... however that being said my problem isnt with his talent its who he is as a person the only reason hes back is publicity hes making sure he stays relevant in some way shape or form while his movie career is not doing so well right now. In fact Dwayne will FINALLY.... wait for it.... actually ******* show up to a live event for the first time since survivor series TONIGHT! #inb4newmoviepromotion

and as for you Billy Bob Jones i am watching that video now and i will add more details if it changes my mind at all... but to be perfectly honest i sincerely doubt that

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    LOL, you hit the nail on the head, i agree with you 100%, the reason why the WWE is not the attitude era anymore is because they have no challenge to there ratings anymore. WCW pushed them to become the attitude era. Seriously you can see the change as to the old WWE with Hogan to the new with Stone Cold, i miss those atttude days, i have an old ppv Backlash 2003 that i was transferring to DVD, and what a different time it was back then. The double main event was Brock Lesnar against John Cena who just came out at that time, he came out in his old get up before he became stale. Like whne he first debuted he had the jerseys, the lock around his neck and spitting something about who he is facing, thats what i looked forward to every time he had a match because you never know what he was going to say. I hope he goes back to that soon, And the last match was The Rock against the WCW created GOLDBERG, that was some debut for him. TNA has a lot go great wrestling, but bad storywiters i feel. WWE has potential, but the wrestling is not good at all, and yes i feel that if the Rock wins that would be complete crap, im already disgusted with the Undetaker match, i mean seriously, get a new opponent, i mean 3 tims. Its becoming like the Stone Cold vs. The Rock series, where these guys wresteled each other every other Wresltemania from 15 - 19., finally the Rock won a match between the two..Woo, WWE is getting boring to watch somewhat, and the Rock is just using the WWE to promote, i mean you come back think you still the you know what, and think you gonna win at WM, why becuase it takes place where you live. That would really suck, i hope John does beat him, but before that say a RHYme that would even make The Rocks mommy needs to have better entertainment, that got the talent, they just need to run better with story. Im not sure who there writers are, i think Vince Russo might still work for them, he was the one that came up with that whole Stone Cold/Vince Mcmahon fued. Overall i hope for another ratings war, this time TNA bringing it, by then wrestling will seriously be the True Boots To Asses and it will be trending for a long time.

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    Agree with everything you said except about the Rock. I will defend that man until I die. The Rock NEVER got stale while Cena apparently has. I watch both and I prefer TNA for obvious reasons and am still willing to watch despite their issues (WWE has few of those as well)

    Overall I watch both in the hopes that both companies can compete with each other. I think when that happens that creates perfect wrestling harmony for fans

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    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Finally I am not alone! My situation mirrors yours, I was a diehard WWF fan, but when you look at the products TNA TNA is superior you have better matches and a better roster. It does have its flaws but it is a lot better than WWE and has been for a while now.

    However I completely disagree with you on the Rock, I would defend him but I'd be here a while so if you can spare 20 minutes watch this guy's vid

    Youtube thumbnail

    &feature=g-u-u&context=G2d9c407FUAAAAAAAAAA and I think he addresses your points quite well.

    All the best to you and continue supporting TNA! I just wish more people would give it a chance.

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    TNA is getting more interesting now, but I still give WWE a slight edge.

    WWE won't start having great match until TNA become some competition, and it wont be untl if TNA get lucky and get some big names guys like Cena, Orton, or even Dwayne to come over, which they wont be doing cause WWE is paying them too much.

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    If Vince doesn't start being smart and making WWE more exciting yes. Have you seen TNA's matches. Now those guys can wrestle, and take risks, and curse, and use weapons with blood. WWE has Santino for a good laugh and wrestling, Jericho for funny loudmouth entertainment and wrestling, D-Bryan, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, and Kofi Kingston who can wrestle. TNA is stacked head to toe. In my opinion TNA 9/10, WWE 7.5/10 but who knows maybe Vince will buy out his competition like he did to WCW....

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    Great points you have.TNA, in my opinion, is better than WWE in several areas:

    -Better match quality

    -Knockouts Division better than WWE's Divas division

    -X-Division Championship more prestigious than WWE's IC and U.S. titles

    -Edgier content

    -Less promos, more wrestling

    -Less silly gimmicks (like Natalya's farting)

    While I enjoy WWE, I find TNA more realistic overall, which appeals to me more, as an adult. If I had to choose one promotion, my choice would be TNA.

  • TNA is the future of the sports entertainment!

    Source(s): My oppinion.
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