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I'm 19/F with a strict mom and need some advice.?

Okay Here is my story: I live with my mom only, however everyday I wake up at 4am(because it's the time to get ready for work) then I go to my sister house which is next door. Since mom doesn't want me to be in the house alone at all. I'm not all to date guys, cannot go out at all, my whole routine is go to school and then stay at home or my sis house.Yes I do go to school but part time. I have try to talk with my mom that I want to drive and go out. She thinks it's a waste of time.

My mom also has depression so she tends to have arguments with me all the time. I'm also underweight since my sister house doesn't always have food. Even If I'm hungry I cannot go out to buy food. Soooo.... mom thinks its important I just stay home that I don't need no one, Just her.

However I want to move out, I cannot handle being trap in the house all day, I want to learn to drive, work, have fun in life. Trust me I have tried many times talking with my mom. All she told me was " even if I was 25 I wouldn't leave the house" " That everything is just a waste"

Should I move out? My best friend wants to help me too. Because I really want to move and mother....isn't really a good mother sometimes..


Thanks for all the answers!!! I appreciate it!

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  • amiga
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    9 years ago
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    I have been in your position and I know what you're going through. At the end of the day, the only thing stopping you from leaving is you. I know it seems more complicated than that, but it isn't.

    I had to leave. I moved farther and farther away. I'm nearly 40 now and we finally have a close relationship- though there were years when we didn't talk (and she claimed she was dying, of course- that was about 14 years ago. She's not dying.)

    You don't need a driver's license. You do need a job and an education. I took out school loans (study something useful!) and worked my butt off on campus and off. It worked out and I am a strong and independant woman. I'm also happily married, with a home of my own and two beautiful children.

    It can get better- but you're the only one who has the power to make it so. So just do it.

    You need a job before anything else. You don't yet know how expensive it is to live on your own. Get a job. She can't actually stop you. Don't go to your sister's house. She can't stop you. You're an adult and you have the protections of the law on your side. If she kicks you out, move in with your friend. She loves you, she needs you more than you need her. She'll come back around. She'll need time and so will you. That's OK.

    Sink or swim, darling. It's all up to you. Good luck.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Your Mom seems like she worries a lot about you. I hope that what ever you decide to do doesn't ruin your relationship with her. She is putting a lot of stress on you and it may be best to move. You should stay in contact with her though.

    I hope things get better. Try talking things out with her.

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    I don't know your life story but I do know my cousin was being "held down" by his parents. When he was 18 I told him, you legally don't have to put up with this anymore. So he didn't. He moves out. It was tough for him for a while but I was there for him and so were his close friends. If you have people that support you, I don't think you have to stay. But do what you feel is right.

  • EBA
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    9 years ago

    I would move out right away! You need to live your own life!

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  • Gary
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    9 years ago

    yourmom seems like she wants whats best for you, but shes not doing a good job of teaching u... i know its shitty to think about, but she wont be around forever to take care of you, so really shes just handicapping you by not allowing to u learn/ take care of your self... id say move out, but try to keep in touch with your mom!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Your mother is suffocating you. Move out as soon as possible before you die.

  • Arturo
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    9 years ago

    mother smotherin thing... move out!

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