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What effect did the Earthquake in San Francisco have?

Yeah, I don't even know WHAT earthquake it is. My teacher didn't tell us, but all help is appreciated. :3


I know it's a homework question, if I didn't want you to know it was one, I wouldn't of mentioned my teacher. -.-

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    Wow, I hope you're better in school than you are at posting questions on YA. This is a homework question.

    Most likely the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, not the 1989 Loma Prieta quake.

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    Play smart *** and poke fun at the teacher for not specifying which earthquake they were referring to, as both had devastating affects on the city. Teachers love it when you do stuff like that. The 1906 one was definitely more devastating, but you can't discount the 1989 one just because of that.

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    broke water lines

    water was limited

    then after it was all said an done

    it MADE city leaders and state leaders to MAKE new stronger laws to make new stronger building and infrastructure

    new law mean better stronger healthier building

    good luck


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