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I am moving up to a 250 soon and was wondering if I should get a 2-stoke or 4-stoke and Kawasaki or Yamaha.?

I have ridin both a kawasaki and a Yamaha and like both of them and can not decide what brand to get and if I should get a 2-stoke or 4-stoke

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    8 years ago
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    Moving up from what? A 250 2 stroke is a totally different beast than a 250 4 stroke. A realistic comparison would be a 125 2 stroke = 250cc 4 stroke and a 250 2 stroke = 350ish 4 stroke.

  • John R
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    8 years ago

    I own both 2-strokes and 4-strokes. I still race 2-stroke motocross bikes.

    I love 2-strokes for the dirt and 4-strokes for the street.

    Ah, the old 2-stroke vs 4-stroke decision.

    Single cylinder 2-strokes produce more horsepower and torque than a single cylinder 4-stroke of the same size.

    2-strokes are cheaper to rebuild.

    2-strokes have less moving parts and are easier to maintain.

    4-strokes last longer between rebuilds than a 2-stroke.

    4-strokes produce smoother power than 2-strokes.

    4-strokes are more fuel efficient than 2-strokes.

    Yamaha vs Kawasaki. This is another debate that has raged on since the beginning of the early 1970's.

    Yamaha motocross racing bikes have always had an edge against Kawasaki in suspension and horsepower.

    Kawasaki motocross racing bikes have had the advantage over Yamaha's in cornering.

    I personally like Kawasaki motocross bikes, but the engine would need to be flow ported and polished before it would be highly competitive ( against other 2-strokes.

    I like Suzuki RM 2-strokes more than Yamaha or Kawasaki. But that is just a personal preference.

    Depending on the track you race at, some tracks will allow you to race the 250 2-stroke in the 250 (4-stroke class) and also the 450 class. This makes the 2-stroke a little more versatile compared to a 250 4-stroke. If you race a 250 4-stroke against 450 4-stroke, you will be at a serious disadvantage. The 250 2-stroke against a 250 4-stroke you will have a serious advantage with the 2-stroke.

    So, what would I purchase? I would get the Yamaha YZ 250 2-stroke.

    Source(s): Riding and racing since 1973. Ex-pro motocross open class racer. Ex-Honda/Yamaha mechanic.
  • 8 years ago

    Depends on what you had before, were you on a 125? If so, a 250 4 stroke isn't really moving up. Just because they are both 250 doesn't mean they have the same power, a 2 stroke is alot more poweful. You should be trying to decide between a 125 2 stroke or 250 4 stroke, or decide between a 250 2 stroke and a 450 4 stroke. Your not really looking at it from the right perspective.

  • 8 years ago

    Depends on the year.

    The newer Kawi 4 strokes are amazing, 2010+. They are fuel injected and and just get on it fast. So powerful. The older Kawi 2 strokes aren't as fast as the Yamaha. Yamaha 4 strokes, I don't like much. I wouldn't mind one, but I don't really like them.

    2 strokes and 4 strokes have 2 different worlds of their own. 2 strokes are explosive while 4 strokes are as smooth as a sewing machine.

    -2 strokes get all their power at high RPMs, normally around 4000-5000.

    -4 strokes have much more bottom end, you don't have to constantly keep shifting.

    -2 strokes are extremely light, 4 strokes are much heavier.

    -4 strokes are difficult to maintain as a beginner, they have a lot more parts in them (valves, cam, etc).

    -4 strokes have engine braking, 2 strokes have none. It's just easier on the 4 stroke in my mind.

    4 strokes are WAY more expensive period. They are more expensive to buy, and rebuild. 2 strokes are easier to repair not having valves and a cam to worry about.

    I would get a KX250F, 2011 or 2012. It's an amazing bike and nothing compares to it, except the Suzuki. If it was an older bike, I love 125 2 strokes. They are fun to ride, but I wouldn't race them.

    Decide on which you like better. 4 strokes are really easy to ride, but 2 strokes are a blast to ride. 2 strokes are pretty snappy, and they are explosive, meaning they just take off. 4 strokes are smooth, they don't surprise with loads of power.

    Source(s): 11 years riding and racing.
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  • 8 years ago

    A 2-stroke 250 is going to blow a 250f out of the water off the line and if your doing any kind of riding, but a four stroke would be alot easier to handle and have fun on. the 2stroke has more potential if you have the skill, the 4 stroke is easier to get on and ride, itll take you anywhere you want but it wont be as fast. It really depends on your skill level. If your looking for speed and agility I say 250 2-stroke, for just casual trail riding I'd go with the 4 stroke.

    Source(s): 15 years riding experience
  • OU812
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    8 years ago

    That's totally up to you Steven, they are very different machines. Other than John R, I don't know a single racer that still uses a 2 stroke unless they are running the mini class. So if you plan to race you will be the odd man out on a 2 stroke...big time. If you are just riding for fun then either is fine.

  • 8 years ago

    It depends on what you are wanting to do. If you trail ride a lot a 4 stroke would be rt. If you are looking for adrenaline rush the 2 stroke would be ur ticket

  • 8 years ago

    I suggest 4 stroke Yamaha.

  • 8 years ago

    i would say 2 stroke anyday of the week but thats my opinion, if you can afford to keep a 4 stroke then i suggest you get one, they cost a lot more then 2 strokes. brapppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

  • 8 years ago

    2 stroke kawasaki all the way it has alot more power

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