Good Plot Twists For A Story?

The story is a guy is trying to find his brother in madagascar, who went missing ten years ago looking for some sorta artifact. Here is a bit of the story: Well, before he got on the plane to disappearance, he was constantly talking about some sort of artefact that the Maluzabi tribe had been keeping. The rest was just nonsense.” replied John. “Well that’s a start I guess. Hey, that guy over there seems like a local, I will go ask him.” Peter walked over to the old and frail looking man. “Excuse me, but do you know where we could find the Maluzabi tribe?” The old man stared into Peter’s eyes with horror. “THOUGH SHALL NOT SPEAK OF THE SHORAL BEACH MALUZABI TRIBE! BE GONE!” Peter took a step back from the old man and walked back over to John. “Well, we know they live in Shoral Beach, but to be honest from that guy’s reaction I am slightly concerned about the nature of this tribe.”

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    John visits the tribe anyway but it turns out that the beach is made of Dark Sand, which absorbs the life energy of anyone who walks on it in shoes. John and Peter must make 'shoes' out of human skin in order to traverse the beach without having their life forces sucked out.

    Eventually they find the tribe, who are really ninjas without pyjamas, and bargain for information on John's brother. If they want to find him, they will have to undergo three deadly challenges.

    1) eat a whole skunk, live, and then make a hat out of its fur

    2) build a Dark Sand castle without losing more than ten years of vitality (must have a moat)

    3) best a member of the Maluzabi tribe in Mortal Kombat (the video game, not actual mortal combat)

    They find the brother at the top of a volcano, where he's worshipped by salamanders as their god. Delerious from the heat and totally mad, the brother uses a blade forged from Dark Sand to suck the souls from John and Peter and imprison them in the bodies of the salamanders. He then proceeds to cook and eat them.

    The end.

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    The Maluzabi tribe are in fact zombies who have been gathering information about the outside world from seized radio TV and internet faclilities. Your guy's brother is being kept 'alive' as a priisoner so he can maintain the telecom systems, because zombified techs all just lose interest. The zombies bring fruits, vegetables and water in return for him staying alive and keeping the tvs, radios and internets connections going.

    Unknown to them he is on skype with his tai chi instructor and adhereing to a strict regimin of vegetarian diet, yoga, katha and breathing.....

    So anyway....your dude is desperate to get to this tribe but foinds out that in fact that island is an isolation quarantine island and he has evaded a CIA officer and is totally freaking out - because he can't really cope with stress too well and after finishng all his valium and codeine sorta woops took a couple of acid trips he somehow had and is now only sometimes focused on his mission, to escape the feds and bust his bro out of Zombytown, Madagascar before the zombies are ready to regroup as pirates, with a plan to "Storm, Plunder & Sink" (SPS) in a night any ship that dares sail the Horn of Africa...

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