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If you turn human ashes into diamonds what is the amount of diamonds you can get in weight and monetary value?

For example offers a service to turn ashes into diamonds.


Average sized man

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    As little as 227 g of carbonized remains are needed to make one diamond, and up to 100 diamonds can be created from the remains of one individual.

    “We can make up to 100 diamonds from one individual,”

    as for the monetary value, it will depend on the carat (weight), shape (cut), color, and clarity. i'm assuming it's pretty clear as it is artificially processed.

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    I talked about that article and confirmed it to my chemistry class. They were grossed out. yet chemically conversing diamonds are organic carbon and there is not any carbon in human ashes. all the carbon of a human body is burned away in the course of both.5 hours of cremation.. purely the bones are left, that are then beaten and floor into an excellent powder. The powder is somewhat calcium phosphate, a mineral said as apatite, which also make up your teeth. So how they are arising diamonds from bones seems particularly a 'secret'. they have some explaining to do. and in all likelihood some criminal topics to settle. i have suggested my little ones to cremate my body when I die and take my ashes to the suitable of my well-liked mountain in California and spread them there. no longer going to make a diamond ring out of me!

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    Depends on how fat they were.

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