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Can you name one national election won recently by a Republican who didn't lie?

Reagan said he'd balance the budget. H W Bush said, "No new taxes." W Bush said his high deficits would help the economy. They didn't.

Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum are all W Bush Republicans. Each would skyrocket spending given the chance. For example, Santorum voted for the most expensive liberal entitlement in over 30 years: prescription drug coverage for seniors. He's running as a "conservative". Watch the actions, not the words. GOP words are lies usually.

Republicans who have a chance of winning rely on the Reagan tactic of promising low taxes, spending more than Democrats, and hoping they are dead before the poop hits the fan and we are like Greece.

Democrats at least have Bill Clinton, who governed as a moderate, reformed welfare (Reagan and H W Bush didn't), and balanced the budget. If you are extremely partisan and not too smart, you may claim that lying about sex is anywhere near as bad as Iran/Contra. It's not.

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    I don't think there was any president who never lied (except maybe George Washington, but that was more legend than fact I think. Besides, how does admitting to cutting down a cherry tree as a child mean that you are completely, and exceptionally honest?)

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    The Democratic party is bought, financed, and led by the trial lawyer lobby. Lawyers are probably the one profession on the planet that is 100% comprised of liars. There is no such thing as an honest lawyer.

    As far as lying lawyers and Clinton go, he was legally DISBARRED for lying. Just because the media has a crush on the guy and ignores his despicable rap sheet, doesn't mean it never happened. This is why history is written by historians and not the media.

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    dirty politics began in 1964 at the same time as Lyndon Johnson's campaign aired a commercial of a touch female walking in a container and choosing on a daisy. Then there turned right into a mushroom cloud. The ad changed into pulled at the same time as the widely used public reacted with outrage, although the dirty deed changed into accomplished. you're implying that purely Republicans lie and deform information. tell that to Barack Obama.

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    I think the last one who didn't go backwards on their promises or lie about something large would be Eisenhower.

    Nixon - Watergate lies

    Ford - WIN went against his pre-election stances

    Reagan - huge increase in debt and wealth gap

    HW - New taxes

    W - Non-interventionism vs. Iraq and Afghanistan

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    Since when did liberals judge politicians for lying?


    The Media Lesson From the Clinton Years

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    ...."Bill Clinton, who governed as a moderate, reformed welfare", AND......stained an aids dress, then lied to the American people about it on a national TV statement and was impeached by the House of Representatives on two charges, one of perjury and one of obstruction of justice, on December 19, 1998.

    It's still fun to see libs not able to complete a sentence.

  • Jay
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    Too funny. No, I can't. Just like you can't name one national election won by a Democrat who didn't lie. It's what politicians do. Your precious Clinton even lied under oath.

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    Ron Paul is the only Republican that doesn't lie to some degree, maybe his son too. I'd say last Republican who didn't lie, was Eisenhower. The last Democrat to not lie was Kennedy.

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    Honest Abe? Lol

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    Regardless of their political affiliation, everyone lies. Politicians are not exempt--they're the example.

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