who got kicked off celebrity apprentice tonight?

its sunday 2/26/12 and celebrity apprentice got cut due to the 11 o clock news and it went past 11 so they stopped the show to go to the news.. does anyone know who got eliminated?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Victoria Gotti.

    Lisa brought her and Dayana in the boardroom and told Donald how Victoria wanted to quit and did not do well. He then fired Victoria.

    Source(s): Celebrity Apprentice fan :)
  • ME
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    8 years ago

    Victoria Gotti

    She got fired for thinking about going to the men's team

    Source(s): Celebrity Apprentice fan and I watched the episode
  • clo
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    3 years ago

    sure Cyndi Lauper. Mr Trump replaced into variety to her in the board room and supported her whilst the others have been telling it like it replaced into yet in the top she replaced into the single to leave. She is slightly ditsy and everywhere. Its annoying to artwork together with her and reel her in for any volume of time to adhere to a topic or a concept she's everywhere. She did her action picture star room nicely, so say the folk who're in touch in picking out which rooms they like greater applicable.

  • Nick
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    8 years ago

    My aunts ex boyfriends niece..she's was good!

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