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Is Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) too hot and humid for a WTA tournament?

Was really surprised to see that there is a WTA tournament called BMW Malaysian Open held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The daily high temperature is always between 32-37°C (around 90-100°F) with 80-90% humidity levels! I actually visited Malaysia for a few weeks on a student exchange last year and the heat and humidity was the worst I ever felt. And some of the matches are scheduled for 2pm! O_O

When I visited KL I couldn't even walk outside for more than an hour between 11am and 4pm without starting to feel dizzy, so how any pro players would want to play tennis in those conditions is really beyond me! I believe playing 2-3 hour matches in those conditions would be very unhealthy.

IMO countries with a extremely tropical climate are not suitable for any WTA tournaments. What do you think?

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    Kuala Lumpur is not a mandatory event. In fact, with only 220,000 in prize money, it is one of the smaller tournaments on tour. In fact, Aculpulco, Mexico is also having a tournament right now for the same prize money.

    So girls that don't want to play Kuala Lumpur, can play on clay in Aculpulco instead. Furthermore, as many girls are doing (including all of the top 10 except Radwanska), they don't have to play either tournament and can instead get ready for Indian Wells.

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    Kuala Lumper is a perfect tournament to train in the heat for the Miami Masters (men/women) in the middle of March, but most players (the smart ones) are resting/training in Miami for the next 2 big tournaments in March: Indians Wells and then Miami; so they'll be used to the conditions.

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