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should i cut my long hair short?

i'm 19 and i've had my hair long (about four inches from my waist) and layered for four or five years. i'm kind of tired of it and i want a change, especially because i'm in college and applying for internships and stuff and i think i need to look more professional. i think bobs are really cute, and i'd love to try a medium/longish one, but i really want opinions about how it'll look and i'd rather not ask my friends cause they'll make a big deal out of cutting my hair.

this is my current hair (i don't know how to link from here, so i guess just c+p into your search bar):

some bobs i like:

i also like these for leaving my hair a little longer but still kinda short:

so my first question is: do you think i should cut my hair? why or why not? and which of the styles do you think would look best on me?

here's the other part of my question: i don't like change, so even though i'm pretty sure i'd like my hair once i had it cut, i don't know if i can actually get myself to ask someone to chop it all off--i mean, that's a lot of hair and i'd probably have a heart attack from shock when i first looked in the mirror. but i really think that as i'm moving toward the last half of my college career and looking for internships and stuff, it would be good to have hair that looks more polished and professional. on top of that, i think shorter hair is really cute. i'm just scared to take the plunge because i haven't had my hair short in more than ten years.

so the second part of my question: does anyone have tips for how to make it less painful or less of a shock? if you had long hair and cut it to a similar length, how did you feel? would you do it again? if i did it in stages, what would be good ones to go by? i usually trim my hair 4-5 inches every five or so months (it grows fast), so it would have to be more than that to be a change.



i really do like my hair long, i'm just a little bored with it because it's been the same style and length for so long (and please don't suggest dyeing it because i definitely don't want to do that). but i'm a little scared that if i cut it short now, i won't get back to long hair again. i think that's part of why i'm so nervous

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    Your long hair looks gorgeous and would be a shame to cut if you aren't ready. A lot of women your age go through what you are; just make sure you know the pluses and minuses of short hair. Your long hair is very feminine and unique and makes you stand out. A lot of guys love long hair and are even crazier about very long hair. And you can do so much with it, including putting it up and looking professional. If you cut it, you'll stand out less in a crowd of women where chin-length to shoulder-length hair is very common. A lot of women your age want that "more mature and sophisticated" hair that is easier to maintain.

    Most women your age who cut their hair never go back to waist length (or near), though they often will grow their hair out some--maybe to their shoulder blades--before they get married. But if your hair grows 9-12 inches a year as you imply, then it would be easier for you to go long again. But you're still looking at 2-3 years.

    One practical issue for you is that if your hair grows that fast, you'll want to pick a style that will grow out well or commit to frequent trims. Bobs are pretty good for that because you can let it grow to near your shoulders and then cut back again. But if you want to keep cutting your hair only 2-3 times per year, you may want to take the Hayden Panettiere bob and shorten it so the long front is at your chin. It's only a few more inches. Don't go for the longer styles you showed because they won't change your overall look much at all. If you're going to do it, go at least an inch above your shoulders.

    Think about what you want and whether you are just worried about looking professional (in which case you can wear it up for interviews and even work) or if you also want a change and like the look of short hair and understand the pros and cons of short hair. Many women wait until they graduate college, or until they are married or settle down and don't want or need to attract guys any more to cut their hair. If you decide to wait 6 months or a year before getting the cut, you can even skip your trims and experiment with longer hair.

    It's normal to be anxious about such a big change, but some women love it after they go short. It can feel freeing and liberating after years of long hair and also be much easier to maintain.

    If you do decide to go for it, don't do it in stages as at each stage you'll have to go through the anxiety again. And you'll still have to cut a lot. You need to cut a good 16-20 inches, so at your normal haircut rate you'd need to do two cuts of 14 inches which would take 10 months or three cuts of 12 inches, but it would take 15 months. If you want the bob by next fall (6 months) and get cuts every 2 months, you're still looking at getting 8 inches cut every 2 months.

    The only way to make it easier is to make a plan and commit to it. Decide when you are going to get it cut, and make a salon appointment that you will stick to. Consider a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning appointment so you have a weekend to get used to it. Take a friend or SO with you to the salon for moral support and to help you not back out and ask for a trim at the last minute. Between now and then, have one last hurrah with your long hair and wear it in different styles you enjoy. When salon day comes, think about if you want to do the final braid that will be cut as a way of letting go or if you want the stylist to do it. Consider saving your cut hair as a memento. And don't worry if you get emotional or anxious; that's normal.

    Good luck, and have fun. It's a big change but often the right choice.

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    I actually personally think guys look extremely steamy with short hair. I had any guy friend that had a afro and he cut it in eighth grade year and he suddenly obtained soo much cuter.

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    Well, I have to admit I love girls with lengthy hair... for me, the longer, the particular better... I honestly can't think associated with anyone who looked better with short hair

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