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Einsatzgruppen, Bosnia & Kosovo, East Timor Genocides?

in the holocaust i know the einstatzgruppen were the killing squads but were there killing squads in bosina and east timor? if so can you give me the information about them

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    There was no such thing in Bosnia. The only case in Bosnia which was qualified as genocide was the Srebrenica massacre.

    Srebrenica was declared demilitarized zone under Dutch UN forces protection. But, a fully armed Bosnian Muslim battalion was hiding in it and was raiding the surrounding Bosnian Serb villages, having killed some 1000 Bosnian Serb peasants. The Bosnian Serb army launched an offensive into Srebrenica and was targeting any potential member of that battalion.

    This does not exclude that there were war crimes committed... It is estimated that some 12% of the total of some 3000-4000 killed, were not soldiers. Some 500 Bosnian Muslim soldiers were shot at close range...

    This is the real Bosnian genocide trooper:

    The reason why Srebrenica was declared genocide was to justify the intervention of USA...

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    There where death squads in Bosnia, the most notable incident being the fall of the UN Safe Area at Srebrenica. Please note the Croats also attempted ethnic cleansing. East Timor certainly saw militias backed by Indonesia attempt to influence the population via intemidation. However their goal was not to cleanse East Timor of any one ethnic group but keep it part of Indonesia.

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    You don't need special killing squads.War crime as genocide was committed in Srebrenica by regular Serb army. Regular army soldier should be aware that killing civilians or prisoners is not allowed and cowardly act. Serb regular army unfortunately was able to commit these crimes because they were exposed to propaganda that teaches them to hate Bosnian Muslims and Catholics, and to make them feel that it is justified to kill them. Propaganda was part of whole process which was under control of Serb political leadership and they are being jailed now.

    You see, genocide is a process, and as process it has to be planned and executed well. Besides media propaganda, you need also good organization to collect people, you need to separate them, to kill them effective way, and you need machinery to bury them, and after that you also need plan how to hide their bones.

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