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How passive solar energy reduces costs?

Describe how passive solar energy is used to reduce the costs associated with conventional energy use.

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    In short, if you have a room in a house that receives passive solar energy in the form of sunlight, this would raise the internal temperature of the room.

    This means any heating item with a thermostat would switch on at a higher temperature than without the passive effect and mean you would save energy, not having to heat from it being much colder.

    A heat pump/heat exchanger could transfer this heat to other areas of the property.

    The same effect works with passive solar water heating systems, it means less energy is used, even in winter, as the water is lukewarm before it goes through a conventional boiler. When it is hot and sunny most of the day, you may not need the secondary heating, as the sun is hot enough to heat the water without any additional energy use.

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    the prevalent objective of "passive" image voltaic is to capture warmth from the solar promptly (as apposed to circuitously by photovoltaics, water heating, compelled warm air with followers etc.) considering the fact that this style of warmth capture can create problems with over heating - noticeably in summer season - the layout demands the style to sidestep image voltaic heating while no longer needed. as an occasion, a solar room with an overhang color that facilitates the wintry climate solar to return deep into the residing area jointly as interior the summertime the solar is blocked by using the color. additionally because of the fact the warmth from the solar varies lots (like night and day!) in lots of circumstances thermal storage is used which includes rock beds or water partitions to capture and keep the image voltaic warmth (or night time cool) so as that the residing area temperature is extra consistent. it relatively is the place the completed residing house layout will become to in touch whether the image voltaic is extremely only one ingredient, it continues to be term passive image voltaic layout"

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    Source(s): Build Home Solar Power : http://solar.eudko.com/?trT
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