good songs for being alone-ish?

So I'm not completely alone. I have friends and people who care. but not a bunch. and lately theres been a lot of drama and stuff at school and home. I'm not allowed to hang out with my best friend and the guy I was sort of seeing.. we just decided it wasnt worth it. basically. i've been feeling kind of sad and lonely. are there any songs about this? or songs about pushing through even if people try to bring you down? well you guys get the idea. I just like to listen to music about things that have to do with what i'm going through. thanks:)

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    8 years ago
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    Well, I'm not sure what kind of genre you're wanting... I'm assuming country based on the section this is posted in, but just in case you're open to other genres, I'll separate them - the first group being country, then the second everything else. So, anyway, try some of these:

    Am I The Only One (Who's Ever Felt This Way?) - Dixie Chicks

    Circle - Sugarland

    Somebody Else - Miranda Lambert

    I'm No Stranger to the Rain - Keith Whitley

    I'm Always on a Mountain When I Fall - Merle Haggard

    When There's No Around - Garth Brooks, kinda sorta maybe

    Life Ain't Always Beautiful - Gary Allan

    Bring on the Rain - Jo Dee Messina

    Broken - Lindsey Haun

    One Day You Will - Lady Antebellum

    Learning to Fly - Lady Antebellum

    Trying to Survive - Montgomery Gentry

    Nothin' but the Wheel - Patty Loveless

    Whose Life Am I In - Shedaisy

    Fly Away - Sugarland (maybee)

    I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - Hank Williams

    My Side of the Story - Hodges

    Shadow - Ashlee Simpson, maybe

    Wasted Years - Cold

    Everything's Wrong - Crossfade

    Grey Room - Damien Rice

    Vindicated - Dashboard Confessional, maybe

    Bend & Not Break - Dashboard Confessional, maybe

    The Analyst - Delta Goodrem

    Wait - Earshot

    Talkin' 2 Myself - Eminem (ft. Kobe)

    Going Under - Evanescence

    Never Enough - Five Finger Death Punch

    Notice - Gomez

    Tears and Rain - James Blunt

    Beautiful Disaster - Jon McLaughlin

    I'm Still Here - Johnny Rzeznik

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    Here are a couple:

    The Grand Optimist by City and Color also any other music by them is great

    By Bon Iver: Beth/Rest, Calgary, any other songs by them

    Coyote by the Lonely Forest

    By Xavier Rudd: Shiver, Let Me Be, The Letter, Home... any other songs by him as well

    Taylor Swift: Breath, The Outside, Back To December

    Let it Be by the Beatles

    Bob Marley: Three Little Birds

    Jewel: Hands

    Any of those... Hope this helps :)

  • 3 years ago

    Roses For The lifeless- Funeral For a buddy you're long gone- good Charlotte Ghost Of You- good Charlotte deliver You back- Hawthorne Heights Black Rose- Trapt Knife called Lust- Hollywood Undead you're actually not on my own- Saosin Make It quit- upward thrust against One- effortless Plan side street Of broken desires- green Day

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    "If you're going through hell" by Rodney Adkins

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    country song,titled someone else star

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