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Does anyone know Alice Walkers E-mail?

i love her she is so inspiring and i just did a report on her and i wanna get to know her better than something on Wikipedia (: PLEASE HELP :D


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    I'm sorry to tell you but a famous author like Alice Walker will not have her personal email available for the public to access. If she did she would just have way too many people emailing her and she would never have time to respond to them all! Most famous authors have places where you can send fan mail telling her how much she inspired you and I am sure her agent or assistant would be happy to pass on the message if you did decide to send her fan mail. She may even autograph a book for you if you send her a copy! Here is the address.

    Alice Walker

    The Random House Publishing Group

    1745 Broadway

    18th Floor

    New York, NY 10019

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