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Is any one in dakar senegal camp call miss clara ngoma.she is a daugter to late Dr.williams ngoma,he is a for?

Pls help.

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    100% SCAM

    First of all, there are NO refugee camps in Dakar Senegal. NONE. ZERO.

    Second, African refugee camps don't have running water or electricity, so they certainly don't have computers with internet access

    Third, refugee camps are for the poorest of the poor. People whose fathers were doctors, business leaders, government ministers, etc who have millions in the bank she promised you DO NOT end up on refugee camps. They go into exile in Monaco, the Cayman Islands, Andorra or some other tax haven

    This scam is more than 10 years old. The name of the 'girl' and 'dead father' change weekly. Happy reading

    But Clara herself has already been exposed on numerous scambusting sites

    She also calls herself Prisca Williams Ngoma

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