Anybody know anything about this stock GDSM is it good to buy stock ?

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  • 8 years ago
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    this stock is a total scam....Arizona is known for such much so that The Mining Department of Arizona is constantly warning of scams for mining in their state.

    this one sounds an awful like the Tri-Star Holding scam I investigated several years ago. Their assaying consisted of bags of gravel analyzed by some freelancer...they hired a so-called mining company to develope the mine and they turned out to be a landscape company.

    If you wish to read about Arizona Mining scams read this link

    Here is an interesting bit in the document


    I. Other Unassayable Ore Projects

    The wrestling matches between state and federal authorities and unassayable ore

    proponents continue on many levels, although new methods and tools have become

    available to the governments. Hexagon Consolidated Companies of America, Inc. claims

    3 million ounces of gold, silver, and the platinum group metals on its state mineral lease85

    in Skull Valley, Arizona. Hexagon is a publicly traded company with interests in mining,

    health care, music publishing and real estate.86 In 1998 the company claimed:87

    . . . a resource of “well in excess of” 450,000 tonnes at Skull Valley, grading 505

    grams osmium, 300 grams iridium, 253 grams ruthenium, 180 grams platinum,

    69.6 grams silver, 51.4 grams gold and 28.1 grams palladium per tonne. In a

    measure of its success at that time, the company subsequently consolidated its

    share capital, trading one new share for 1,000 old shares.

    On October 20, 2000 ASLD issued a Notice of Default and Denial of Plan of

    Operation.88 The Notice is based on ASLD’s inability to find precious metals on the

    lease and Hexagon’s failure to comply with past ASLD orders.


    What is interesting about this? Well this news relates to the above

    Notice the reference in this story to Gold Star Mining look at this link

    This describes the Gold Star Mine as being near Skull Valley, AZ....a scam is perpetuated

    Here are some interesting highlights of this last link on the mine itself


    Location: Near Prescott and Skull Valley, Arizona - 4 unpatented claims on 360 acres

    Ore Reserves: Mineral Reserves are 168,750 ounces of gold, or US $303 Million at $1,800 per ounce gold

    Estimated Total Reserves at completion of mining: $700 Million +


    And you can buy this property for the LOW-LOW price of $3,500,000.

    Now ask yourself why has this property worth a minimum of $303million not be developed. Well is a placer mine if it is a mine at need tons of water to process a placer mine and there ain't none.

    Actually there may be some gold there....Arizona actually sells small plots of land to amateur gold hounds but this is not a real mine at all.

    The above is another scam info site for Arizona Mines

    Now if you don't believe it is a scam so far...the actually posted a financial statement

    THEY HAVE NO MONEY PEOPLE and been in operation for a couple of years

    HERE is the final DEFINITIVE piece of evidence....GDSM is associated with Max Media Group, Inc.


    In January, 2009, the Company sold its websites that resulted in the Company receiving

    29,400,000 common shares of Max Media Group, Inc.

    In February, 2009, the Company's Articles of Incorporation were amended to change the

    Company’s name to Gold Coast Mining Corp.


    there is a thread on IHub associated with Max Media Group

    The stock is a scam....stay away from it IMHO

    Source(s): @JoeyV I did find a financial report...just have to know where to look (a hobby of mine) shows it for the scam it is
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  • JoeyV
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    8 years ago

    Why would anyone buy this stock? There are no filings from this company at all. You can't know anything much about this company so it would just be a wild shot in the dark.

    Edit: Really nice answer, underexposed. Good work - you are the man...

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It's another pump and dump penny stock

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