Can Israel defeat Iran?

My logic tells me no. Israel has already technically lost two wars against Iran. How can we ignore those defeats?

In may 2000 the Israelis left and they were under fire. they've got nothing they wanted. in 2006 the Israelis lost the column and they got nothing the wanted. this is the first time Israel lost a war.

Iran has funded their proxies (Hezbollah and Hamas) and you're going to ignore that Israel lost these 2 wars? And then you believe Israel can win a war against Iran?!!

believe me If Iran gets cornered that will be the end of Israel. not to mention the Iranians got one of the worlds best pilots, but also the iranians are too proud to lose even one inch of their land to Israel.

Obviously the US will lose support in iran if US decided to launch a strike on Iran. Iranian people love Americans (worship americans) but if the US ever manages to strike Iran

that is the end of the LOVE for US from the Iranians

Never underestimate Iran's capabilities. Don't you ever compare Iran from the 80's with Iran today.

here you got a country that was ready to fall apart in 1981,19 years later they won a war against Israel.



LMAO Israel is defending herself by attacking first? you got to be joking. Iran is the rational player here not Israel.

Israel believes all its neighbours are out to get em. i think they just can't bare to see Iran is progressing so fast.

if they ever use nukes against iran that will be the End of Israel no matter what. funny here is a country who is threatening another with Nukes and is justified to strike Iran for stopping them building Nukes. "sigh"

If Iran ever gets a nuke they will never strike Israel but will have a voice for pressuring Israel to give the Palestinians more rights. that is what israel is afraid of. a super power muslim country

GOD has no role in this you goof


Update 2:

@mommanuke what makes you believe Iran doesn't already posses nukes that they could have bought from the Pakistanis. And its now a fact that they smuggled in mega nukes from Russia at fall of Soviet Union.

I can't believe you ignore the fact that Israel has lost the wars. if thats you're logic, then i see Hamas and Hezbollah are still around. so israel didn't win the war. Israel = Fail

why do you think till now Israel haven't dared to attack Iran yet?! because iran is capable of defeating Israel

simple as that

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  • 9 years ago
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    Israel might have done great achievements in the past, but they had over 60 years to do so.

    Iran had only 30 years which Iran have progressed about 40,000% since the fall of the Shah.

    thanks to the sanctions Iran is now more self-sufficient and has shown herself a major player in Science and technology, and a major Supplier in the Region.

    they have launched 3 of their own satellites with out anyones help. the estimates show that Iran by 2025 will be a fully developed country and Israel sees that as a threat.

    the israelis have so much influence in the western world (especially the media) which helps them cook up rhetorics about Iran's nuclear status.

    Iran has never threatened Israel to wipe them off the map, since it was a mistranslation to scare people that iran is suicidal.

    on the other hand not only Israel has threatened Iran with military but they already killed few of their scientists on Iran's soil, while the world sits back and does nothing.

    when iran retaliates the media shows "OH IRAN HAS DONE IT NOW, THEY HAVE BOMBED THE ISRAEL"S DIPLOMATS, after they killed their nuclear scientists" "OH IRAN IS GOING TO BOMB US THIS BOMB ISRAEL THAT" then they show Ahmadinejad and scientists in lab-coates, with missiles firing into the air. Later they show the prophecies from the Bible about the apocalypse that iran is the anti Christ that wants to take over the world.

    So people buy their BS and let the hungry machines to be in control once again and make wars to profit.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    1 on 1? Very possible. However, this wouldn't be the case. I have a list of coutries who'd be ready to assist Israel, and I can't think of any for Iran (Syria? Doubt it. Venezuela? Not in their interest, and against the wishes of its beloved Latin American neighbors with whom it has a much major alliance). I don't think (or I really hope) the war never breaks out, both countries are capable of doing great harm to each other and at the end the most affected will be the civilians. I believe Iran is the master mind behind most wars in the Middle East, as they are the ones financing Hamas and Hezbollah. Both of these factions have declared war on Israel before, meaning Iran has indirectly declared the war long ago. As the Saudi King (I believe) said, 'kill the snake by cutting its head'. The suicidal regime of Iran is isolating the country as never before. Not only it is at odds with the vast majority of the international community; now they believe they can close the Strait of Hormuz which will directly affect the worldwide economy and particularly the Gulf countries. They are not fond of Iran as it is, and this could be drop which spilled the glass. Let's just wish sanctions will get so unbearable to the point of making them think.

  • 5 years ago

    Yes although it would require US assistance from Persian Gulf and airspace assistance. Israel already has stealth aircraft although it surely is in a black program. Iran knows if it attacks thermonuclear response is certain. That is why the nuclear "deal " with Iran is not a sell-out. Basically it gave us a reason to annihilate Iran. Iran knows this.

  • 6 years ago

    Israel will not go gently into that good night. If the U.S. government and its moronic minions in Washington D.C. will not protect Israel and insist on facilitating Iran's trip down the "yellow cake" road to the Emerald City, Israel must do what it must to survive. If that means WWIII, then so be it. That war will have been expedited by the incredible stupidity of the current administration.

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  • 9 years ago

    I'm puzzled. You seem to have a different definition of "lose" than I do. Hezbollah and Hamas have been trying for decades to "drive Israel into the sea" and as far as I know, Israel is still there.

    The biggest flaw in Iran's military is the head of its leadership. It is reacting in a childish, defensive manner which just proves how insecure it feels. It does not yet have the nukes. Israel does. All Israel has to do is lob a couple of them on Tehran and Iran is gone. Absent nukes, I don't know the current status of Iran's air force, but Israel's is super. Since Iran cannot attack directly unless Iraq lets it, their whole attack would have to be aerial. Iranian jets would be falling all over Iraq and Palestine.

    The US, hopefully depending on who is elected in November, will not make a first strike on Iran. What is up in the air is what will happen with China and Russia if Israel attacks. If Israel and Iran existed in a vacuum, I have no doubt the Israelis would do just as they did with the Arab countries that attacked them in 1948, 1967, - namely wipe the floor with them.

  • 6 years ago

    Not a chance Iran would win Iran has only Russia and russia would not help Israel would smack up Iran before anything could happen and if u wanna bring nukes if iran tries India and America and Israel would wreck Iran so iran would not win😉

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


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