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I'm seeking opinions from those familiar with the law (lawyers, law enforcement, etc.). My daughter's boyfriend (they're both 20) was arrested with several of his classmates and I don't understand why.

Details: During a fraternity initiation, he, and four of his classmates, were arrested by local police and charged with "Indecent Exposure". As part of the initiation, the pledges were driven to a sorority and made to deliver flowers to the gals in person while the guys were wearing only underwear (white briefs). The purpose was to embarrass the pledges, which is very common in fraternities. Someone called the police, who arrived, and then arrested the five male students. Obviously, the guys are very upset about the prospect of now having a "police record." Here's my question: I thought "Indecent Exposure" required some degree of "nudity." How can the charge be applied to a situation where the arrestees were not nude at all, but wearing their underwear? This did not occur in the U.S., but based on my knowledge of the law there, the charge seems unfair.

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    I would check the law books for that particular country because their laws might be different on the subject than in the US. I think though these young men were stupid for going along with the hazing, those are not the kind of brothers you want to have.

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    They where in there underwear that is considers indecent exposure

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    I agree.

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