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Why is the Middle East such a crap hole?

Not trying to diss Islam at all, but even you have to agree that the Middle East is a sh*t hole! Riots every day, stupid unjustified beheadings of innocent people. For such a religion of "peace", it's most loyal followers sure seem to scream war every day.

The only real place in the Middle East that is "alright" is Dubai, United Arab Emirates and that's probably because of the large U.S. influence.

And by the way, I'm not from the U.S. at all. I think (along with the rest of the world) that the Middle East is what's holding the world back. There are Muslims coexisting in the U.S., Russia, Europe, Asia, and South America getting along peacefully with everyone else. WTF Middle East?

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    Thing is, Vishnu [thanks to Google Translate], that the Islamic Countries are in one big mess thanks to Islam and the kind of Government that Fundamental Islam brings with it.

    Iran was a powerful and wealthy Country before the Ayatollahs took over. Today, it's a crap hole, thanks to the Ayatollahs. Somalia has been in a mess for decades now thanks to the in fighting by the Muslim warlords. Sudan, Libya, etc etc went the same way for the same reasons.

    Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia have, largely, been keeping their Fundamentalist at bay by being totally brutal with them and have built their economy with care. However, we cannot say for sure that that will last forever.

    And, just FYI, Muslims are not peacefully coexisting in US, UK, Europe etc either. Conflicts have begun and are escalating everywhere.

    Chechnya is already a Civil War that's been over a decade old. Scandinavia [Sweden, Norway and Denmark] are heading for Civil War. Thailand is heading for Civil War and so is a large portion of the East.

    US and UK etc are now openly anti-Islam.

    Like it or not, it's already a very volatile situation where the 3rd World War could erupt any day between the rest of the World and Islam.


  • 3 years ago

    Because of backwards religion. Anywhere where Islam is in control is a complete crap hole. Oppression, no fun, nothing to do . . apart from pray to a fake god, ****, fight, screw ugly women and get envious of people that live freer lives. Why in the hell wouldn't that kind of life make you want to blow yourselves up?

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    i think you. particular, unfortunately, there are turds accessible with an axr to grind and what greater effective communicate board than the anonimity of the internet? it is not purely YouTube (whether there seems to be a extensive form of trolls over there)however the internet brings out the best (and regrettably,actually the worst)in human beings. Blow them off and supply them the attention they deserve. NONE

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    What about the soldiers killing innocent Iraqi people just cus they feel like it. Talking bout we need to fix the problem, when y'all the fuckn problem. And what about all the innocent children and people getting killed in gaza by isrealis, but they dont show u that sh*t on CNN. Gain some knowledge before you talk about who isn't peaceful and check yourself

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  • 5 years ago

    I say we nuke the hell out of the middle east. I hate muslims and islam screw all of them.

  • 8 years ago

    @M Javed Iqbal:

    It is very clear that you intent on attacking this user's nationality and religion, rather than answering the question. You are a fine example of a TRUE MUSLIM. Insulting other people and their religion to make yourself feel good. Shame on you old tard!

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    Vishnu, Vishnu, Vishnu...isn't it funny how every single Muslim that answered this question has now had their answers hidden because of so many thumb downs? Muslims that come from the Middle East, that have been to the Middle East, that are familiar with the Middle East have answered but people that probably can't even point out the region on the map have got almost 20 thumbs up! As though they know the place better than Muslims or Arabs/Iranians do.

    First, where does the term 'Middle East' itself come from? It was actually the western world that coined that one. Who even made the map of the Middle East and 'made' the countries? Britain.

    You say that Dubai has a large western influence. Okay, fair enough. But let's not forget that Saudi Arabia (yes, where people are beheaded), Egypt (where Mubarak made people disappear from the face of the earth), Iraq (where Saddam had his own little Holocaust), Syria (where the US even sent people to be interrogated and tortured) etc etc were or still are FRIENDS/ALLIES with the great United States of Ameria. The entire Middle East is ***full*** of western influence. The west like the Middle East being barbaric because it benefits them. Only when people resist like they are doing now does America come and comdemn their inhumane activities on international TV. What, you think America isn't aware of all of this beforehand?

    The governments of the Middle East are puppets of the western world. Wars have been inflamed because of them, from the Iraq War to the current treatment of Palestinians e.g. Gaza Massacre.

    Once America butts out of the Middle East's business and stops paying the governments to be dictators and allows the people to have control then we'd get somewhere.

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    Middle East is very strategic place for the world powers and always is the scene of competition for control the resources!

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    8 years ago

    Muslims in the West are "coexisting peacefully",ONLY because they don't have large enough populations or influence yet.Once that changes,they will cease to "coexist peacefully",it is basically a slow motion invasion,especially in Europe.


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    8 years ago

    Because of terrorist israel and British and American colonialism.

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    8 years ago

    We all know the answer, but diplomacy prevents us from saying.

    The MP Bob Stewart made a good point on TV the other day (I don't usually agree with Tories). He said why should western nations - USA, UK, France etc have to sort out the Middle East's appalling problems. There are some powerful Arab nations who always seem to sit back and let the West clear up their messes. The Arab League could and should sort Arab problems out and while they're at it join us all in the 21st centurty.

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