Did Alabama’s harsh immigration law cripple the state, or did they do what needed to be done?

Let’s stop and think about it. Alabama is being slammed right now because their harsh immigration law has caused many illegal immigrants to flee the state (even though they have been slowly filtering back). Everyone slams Alabama as being racist or just illogical. But has anyone stopped to think about what they are saying? We see so many here claim to fix illegal immigration we need to punish those who would give Illegal immigrant’s jobs. Alabama found that there were businesses that were owned by illegal immigrants and the federal government turned a blind eye because they had tax ID’s. So the state took the first step to unhinge itself from illegal immigrant dependency and in return they are called racist and illogical. So make up your minds, either applaud them for taking a stand or stop demanding to fine businesses that hire illegal immigrants because you will criticize anyone who does that. I for one applaud them for doing what needed to be done, start cutting down on the dependency.

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    9 years ago
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    One person's 'harsh' is another person's 'necessary. We have a central government which not meeting its constitutional obligation to stop illegal immigration into this country. Alabama has simply stepped up to enforce federal law. Any crippling that occurred was the result of discouraging LAWBREAKERS.

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    right in accordance with Article 6 of the form, policies made with the help of the federal government are the desirable policies of the land. it extremely is attentive to guidance from actuality the Supremacy Clause indoors the form. in distinctive words, Federal policies override state policies. If the desirable courtroom Justices uphold the form, then Jan Brewer's immigration regulation is unconstitutional. Brewer wanted to make being illegally right here in this usa a state crime so as that the regulation enforcement companies in Arizona could desire to mete out unfair and unjust punishments their way. If her regulation isn't overturn, then this usa might have a extreme concern on their hands. we is unquestionably not waiting to have states ignoring Federal policies.

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    Well, let me ask this one stupid question. When the law pushed the illegal migrant workers out of Alabama the businesses that depended on that labor had plenty of applications from people with legal residency in Alabama to fill the jobs those people left. There was no shortage of people seeking work busing tables, cleaning dishes, working the fields, all those low end construction jobs had applicants ready to fill the new vacancies. Landscaping companies had applications flooding in from people looking for work trimming hedges, cutting grass and other menial but honest work. All those jobs that are messy but necessary ... working in slaughter houses and meat packing plants for instance ... filled by workers with legal residency! RIGHT?

    I'll believe that as soon as I believe New York politicians really do have the best interests of the common citizen of New York at heart [NEVER!]

    Go ahead and hate them! Heck hate me for daring to tell you the truth! Those people ain't stealing no body's jobs ... they do mostly the jobs that legal residents consider beneath them. Those crappy jobs with lousy pay and worse conditions. Those workers are a vital link between crops in the field and produce in the market. They are a vital link between beef on the hoof and steaks in the freezer.

    The industries that depend on people that are not afraid to WORK for a living have to depend on that pool of workers ... the people that HATE that pool of workers sure as H*** ain't going into the field and harvest crops. The people that swear that "they took our jobs" ain't lining up to harvest groves of oranges, apples and other tree grown produce.

    Go ahead and believe the hype about those awful illegals. But when you sit down to dinner and thank Jesus for the bounty before you ... save a little thanks for the Jesus (pronounced HAY soos) for bringing it in from the field.

    I believe that these harsh immigration laws do far more harm than good - these idiot politicians should fully understand the consequences of their actions.

    How many people are drawing unemployment right now ... how many jobs are open in meat packing plants, grease pits, farming and dirty construction jobs? Are you willing to work on the dockis unloading fish 10 hours a day, coming home stinking of the docks? When these industries have the legal workers they need, they won't hire illegals! Until then ... I support a guest worker program.

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