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Has anyone taken the Eurostar from London to Paris?

I am flying into London from the US in a few weeks and would LOVE to spend a day in Paris! I am just looking for a little more info on the Eurostar train. I know the trip is just over 2hrs and it goes from city center to city center, but since we have a hotel booked already in London, we'd just want to take the earliest train into Paris and the latest train out that same day, which would give us about 12hrs in Paris. I am wondering this: is the Eurostar station in Paris close enough to everything (Eiffel Tower, Louvre, etc) for us to just walk from the station, or would we have to get on a bus or a taxi or something? I've heard Paris isn't actually that big, but I'm not sure...

Just looking for a bit more info from someone who has actually made the trip...


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    My wife and I booked our own tour of England and France in 2010. We live in Australia and were able to purchase our Eurostar tickets 180 days before the intended journey on-line. They have 18 services running each day so you can choose whatever time suits you. Allow 30 minutes before your journey for check-in.

    Unlike yourself doing a single day trip, we decided to spend 9 days in Paris before heading to Amsterdam. However we didn't want to waste any time when we arrived in Paris, so we had already pre-booked "Genie In Paris" (Google Search) who came to our Hotel and gave us our pre-booked tickets. That way you don't have to queue-up with the crowd - just go to the entry gate ahead of everybody.

    Paris looks small on a map, but if you do a 'Google Earth' look and get down to ground level, you will see that the best way around Paris is by taxi, Metro or do a 'Guided Day trip' in a mini-bus; which I believe would be best for you. One day my wife and I attempted to walk the full length of the Champs-Elysées ,... and it took us 3 hours,... it's a really long avenue.

    If you have a look at they have a day trip (lasting 3.5 hours) for only $78.00. Here is their itinery

    "Drive through Paris and see all the famous landmarks and monuments like the Concorde Square, Louvre Museum, Seine river and its bridges, French Academy, Hotel de Ville (City Hall), the Latin Quarter with the Sorbonne and the Pantheon, Arch of Triumph, Champs-Elysees Avenue, Invalides with the dome of Napoleon's Tomb and the Opera House.

    We also have a photo stop at the one of the most famous monument in the world, the Eiffel Tower. There will be some free time at Cite Island with the Palace of Justice and Notre-Dame Cathedral and a walking tour of Montmartre, near Sacre-Coeur Basilica and the artists square, where you can go exploring on your own."

    You would be best to take a taxi to wherever your 'pick-up' point will be and let the guide take you from there. If you wanted you could also include a River Seine cruise which lasts about an hour and a quarter, and that's great.

    After writing this, I'll try and buy a magic wand to transport me back there in a flash. You will love it and want to spend more time there. Now every time we travel somewhere, we always leave a few extra days at the beginning or end to cover the special places. Travelling from Australia to Europe is a long way so it is better spend a bit more time then, because we may never return there later.

    Happy travelling!

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    The Eurostar goes from Saint Pancras station in London to the Gare du Nord in Paris, and both stations are fairly close to the centre but not to the extent that you could walk quickly to or from them to the main attractions in either.

    The centre of Paris is quite compact but you would not have the time in 12 hours to walk from the Gare du Nord to the Eiffel Tower, then to the Louvre and visit it, as well as see the main sites and your legs could not withstand it. The Louvre is close to the Ile de la cité where Notre Dame and the Sainte Chapelle stand, and the flower market, but to move fast between other destinations you either have to take the subway which is quick and has numerous stations, or to see the main features of the city above ground there are tourist double deckers on which you can do the rounds and, if you want to, hop on and off.

    Another thing to consider is that the cost of the Eurostar may be extremely high if you just turn up on the day unless you are prepared to pay top fares in first class and it is necessary to book it in advance to travel second class.

    Source(s): Parisian working in London and commuting regularly between the two cities.
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    Gare du Nord is not in quick walking distance from the centre of Paris (it is three kms away) but by metro it is barely 15 mn away. The centre of Paris itself, where most of the old monuments are, is rather small but that still means an area around six kilometres wide from Eiffel tower to Bastille along the Seine. It can be a very nice walk, especially in sunny weather if you don't want to spend too much time inside museums and such.

    To travel you have a choice, if you want a bit of freedom and have readied your itinerary in advance you have hop on hop off buses

    or the metro which is reliable and with stations everywhere especially in the city centre where you are less than 500 metres away from a station anywhere you are

    if you prefer not to have too much of a hassle you have open bus tour showing the whole city in one go.

    You can also have some fun and take a day tour in one of the iconic 2CV cars but I'd better warn you that if the car is fun it is also not as comfortable as a modern car

    Getting your tickets in advance for monuments and such as said above is a very good idea, the queues can be very long

    If you want some more information here is the Paris tourist office site

    Have a nice trip

    Source(s): Parisian
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    Sorry no. However you can get to everything from the city center via bus. Its easier and vastly more reliable than buses in the US. The problem is that all the sites are not next to one another. If possible you may want to tack an extra two days onto your trip seeing Paris in an afternoon is impossible.

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    Paris is just as large as any other big city - no way could you just take a walk from Gare du Nord and see the sights. You'd be best to organise a day tour with one of the big tour companies, that way you wouldn't waste a lot of time getting from A to B and back again. Have fun !

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