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Mike asked in SportsBasketball · 8 years ago

Next years dunk contest should have___________(List your 4-5 players)?

I'd go with Rudy Gay, John Wall, D-Rose, DeRozan, and Iman Shumpert.

I heard Lin was gonna layout on a couch in front of the basket throw a lob for Shumpert who'd jump over the couch and windmill

Bonus Questions:

1.How many rounds would you like next years to be?

2. Would you like to leave the judging to preset judges or stay with the fan voting system?

3. How would you like the dunk contestants to be selected?

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  • JM
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    8 years ago
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    LeBron James, Andre Igoudala, Blake Griffin, Dwight Howard, and Gerald Green.

    BQ: 3.

    BQ2: Real former NBA player judges. The fans got it wrong tonight. They picked someone who made a dunk so bad that everyone in the building stayed silent. That has never been done before.

    BQ3: Fan voting. It's the fans game, so they should pick who participates, since that's who they want to see. They just shouldn't vote for winners though.

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    id go with LEBRON, wall, rose, .... whoever else. doesn't matter


    1- rounds are fine, 3

    2- fan voting SUCKS. paul george got robbed

    3- its fine how they are doing it

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