unsure about finance major?

I'm not sure about what major I should pursue in college. A lot of people say to just study what interests you, but my parents firmly believe that you should study only what "guarantees" a good job. So they want me to major in finance/econ. If I'm being completely honest, I can't think of a single topic that I'm so passionate about that I would be willing to study it for 4+ years. I like literature, foreign languages, physics, medicine, and some aspects of history, but not nearly enough that I would want to do it everyday. Rather it would probably be something that I pursue on the side, for leisure or maybe as a minor (taking one or two classes in those areas occasionally, or as required). The only thing that I would potentially be really really interested in is theatre, and honestly I don't think that's practical at all as a major. (I could always just participate in shows as an extracurricular, and if i really wanted to be an actor or something people wouldn't care if i had a degree in theatre, they would only care about how much experience you have in shows.)

I took a introductory econ class a few months ago, and I actually enjoyed it and found it interesting. I'm not a genius at math, but I think that if I actually put the work into it, I could do well at finance/econ. But since my parents have always indicated so strongly that this is what they want me to do, I can't even tell if I genuinely would enjoy this or if I'm just trying to convince myself that I like it. And of course, whenever I tell people that I want to major in either finance or econ, they just give me that look of pity and ask if it's what I want or if it's what my parents want. And honestly, I'm not quite sure.

What do you think? Maybe past finance/econ majors or those who have considered it can give some input/tell me what it was like.

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    8 years ago
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    If you are going for job stability only then do accounting. I used to be acocunting, but it was kinda boring so i switched to finance because i liked the introductory class better. But i feel like finance/econ looks good to employers. Personally i enjoy finance. Accounting is just doing a bunch of balance sheets and recording debits and credits, but in finance you learn present value and future value of money, so its looking into the future and trying to make predictions which really interest met.

    Some of finance can be boring, but if you have an interest in it then it can also be a pretty fun major. Maybe not as fun as some other mickey mouse degree, but those types of degrees are useless after college.

    If i majored in just something that i liked, then i wouldnt have chosen finance, but i do not regret it. I feel like i did a bit of a compramise, but i think its the right path for me.

    I suggest to you to take an introductory class in it and see if its something you like. Unfortunately you can really just take the class without a bunch of prerequisites, so maybe you can just sit in a class without recieving credit for it just to see if you like it or not.

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  • 8 years ago

    You're having a problem right now - you're focused on SCHOOL, not a CAREER. Stop thinking about what you'll study - in college you'll study a little bit of everything. College really isn't about just studying what you enjoy doing. It's about preparing for your future career.

    Get onto CareerBuilder (or anything similar) and start typing in key words. What appeals to you? Once you find a few positions that sound good, call the companies and just explain that you are considering that position for the future and would like to know what they look for. What kind of education would they need to have? Experience? What would the average day be like? Maybe even ask if you could come to the office for a few days and really see what this person would do.

    Once you do that research, you'll be able to know what will help. Maybe a major in finance and a minor in Spanish is what you need. Or maybe it would be best to major in business with a minor in finance. That's up to you - but think of this in the long-run, not just the short-term.

    If you want, here's a look at college:

    First two years: General education classes (i.e. English, Math, Sciences, IT) - maybe 3-5 major-required classes

    Junior year: Declare major, get accepted into that major's college (if you are at a larger university)

    Junior and Senior years: Major-required classes plus electives at your choosing

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I think that it's better to study a subject that you feel confident in. If you don't like the subject and you dread it, most likely you won't be able to study really hard at it. Even if you do, you might just be scraping through. Usually you'll tend to do well in what you like. That was my experience and I felt that it was really pressurizing considering that I might have to drop out. I would have wasted my time and money, ending up with debt and no degree.

    A degree in finance/econs will open more doors for you when you are a fresh grad. You can get a job more easily (but don't count on the economy) and you can clear your student debt and have some savings sooner. It will be a good start.

    But what you do with your career and life later on is a whole other story. You don't necessarily have to be in finance to earn a good living. Other career choices can open other doors for you as well. A career is just a way to open doors to earn money. There are many ways you can earn a living - like doing business, investing etc. Regardless of any job, you are still selling an hour of your life. You can increase your productivity for the hour but you will always be paid by the hour. And your income stream still ends when something happens to you. Is that a viable business? Just something to think about.

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