Boyle's Law mathematical relationship?

According to Boyle's Law what is then mathematical relationship between the temperature and the volume of a gas if its mass and temperature are kept constant?

How can you answer this question without simply just stating the law? Please provide an explanation.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I believe Boyle's law relates the pressure P (not temperature) and volume V

    of a gas if its temperature and amount, or mass, are constant.

    It is an inverse proportion; that is, their product is constant.

    So we can say PV = k, where k is a constant.

    The actual value of k depends on the amount of gas and the temperature,

    but if those are constant, then k stays constant for Boyle's law.

    So if PV = k, we can find either P or V if the other is known and k is known.

    So P = k/V and V = k/P

    Hope you understand this explanation.

    Source(s): high school chemistry
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