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Ok, what would you do if you were me? I am 41, soon to be 42...?

just met a really nice guy who I can see myself spending alot of time with. He is divorced with no kids. He insinuated on our second date that he wants a child. I already have two of my own (one grown and one who is 4)..I've been a single mom forever and I would like to settle down and eventually marry again. This guy seems pretty eager to want a child with me (even though I told him I didn't see myself having another at my age). He says money is not an issue. I also told him I havn't really travelled and want to experience that part of life. He says he will try to convince me to have another child. I'm 95% sure I do not want another child,, but I really like him. What would you do?

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    You have to find a comprimise. If you really love him you should also try to understand his desires. It's hard to blame him for wanting a kid of his own. If you love him you should'nt expect him to live the rest of his life not knowing what it is like to have a child. will you answer my question

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    Well, at this point you only really like him. However, if you feel you love him I think you should go ahead and have a child with him. You already have a four year old...would it be that much of a strain to have another child? You've been through it before and know what to expect. I think he has the right to have a child and experience that if that is what he really really wants. If you really feel that you can't give it to him, then you need to end things to allow him to find someone else willing. But it's not like you're AGAINST having children or hate kids, right? So I think you should definitely consider it.

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    It's your life( and your body ) and having a child after the age of 40 is not a good idea ,as many things can be wrong with the child because of your age.. He sounds rather controlling and I would would think very carefully about letting him nag you into changing your plans for your life. He may be nice but he is not the only nice guy in the world. When in doubt, don't

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    He seems to obsessed with wanting a child (pretty forward about that for a second date), and you are pretty convinced you do not one. I would either just forget about him, or proceed in a very cautious manner over the next little bit.

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    Do what u want

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