What should I do stay an extra year at sixth form or go to university doing foundation degree?

Basically I want to computer science at university but the problem is I don’t have C in gcse English (I was 2 marks of a C) and I’ve been told I can do an extra year in sixth form to get a C in English. But I’ve had a look at some universities that do computer science and I found one that is ranked quite high in the league table for computer science, they offer a computer science degree with a foundation degree so a C in English isn’t essential in order for me to get in only catch is I have to do an extra one year there as well and I’m not sure is a foundation degree is as good.

So main question is do an extra year in sixth form to get my English to a C and go to a university that is much lower in the ranks for computer science.

Or go the higher ranked university and do a foundation degree?

If anyone can explain to me it would be greatly appreciated

Thanks you

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  • 8 years ago
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    Do the foundation degree. An extra year of university is much better than an extra year of sixth form.

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  • 3 years ago

    one among my friends had a similar problem and chosen to bypass to college so she ought to do the matters she needed. Universities do no longer care the place you probably did your A-tiers in case you get the grades so as that should no longer effect your selection. the matters additionally do no longer count number to the uni as long as they are educational and get ready on your direction. so so which you may no longer swap Psychology for artwork, to illustrate, without an consequence on the eligibility for particular classes and clearly you like Maths in case you will do a Maths degree. you need to look at which problem provides you with the superb grades. i might draw up a listing of valuable and detrimental factors for each employer to concentration your techniques. you need to evaluate which matters you will do superb in; the place the superb instructors are; the place the main suitable ecosystem is (6th sort is supportive or claustrophobic? college is new or intimidating?)and if the valuable factors of the faculty outweigh the greater 70 minutes traveling. Psychology is an extremely clever problem to income yet could properly be picked up at college. On many classes you mostly have some area on your timetable the place you may decide for modules (from a distinctive problem in case you want to) interior the 1st year, without affecting the necessities for the 2nd year. i did no longer have a conflict yet went to college besides. I centred on the place might supply me the superb direction for my superb problem, yet I wish i might looked at the place i might get the main help for my weakest now. I additionally went as i wanted to fulfill some new human beings, whether i might easily ignore with regard to the social component if I had my time back!

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