Is Leonardo DiCaprio considered a good looking person?

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    Like every other person, famous or not, we all have a different opinion as to what we consider attractive. Leonardo di Caprio is 37 years old and I say he is good looking but what's more important he has grown a lot as an actor..He was a great actor in ''titanic..'' he was very young then but that started off his career and he really is a very versatile and a very talented actor...he movie apart from ''Titanic that i love most with him is ''Catch me if you can..'' I am also a fan of Tom Hanks and Tom Hanks is in his middle 50's and he never tried to be the great looking guy but he was handsome when he was younger..Tom Hanks did comedies when he was in his 20's and early 30's but what I like most about him is that he can be funny and that in his later years he took on some serious roles and he always is good at whatever he does'' he is not that good looking but he is also not unhandsome..for someone well over 50..and another thing I like about can't think of Tom Hanks in connection with Drama and Scandal...that's just not him and he is a great actor and in Catch me if you can I love it that Tom Hanks and Leonardo di Caprio play together and it's a great movie with a lot of adventure and a lot of nailbiting supspense but also so funny that one has to laugh a lot and what I like apart from that about it..that despite the fact that it might have been very has a happy it's overall a great movie with 2 wonderful actors whom I admire..Leonardo di Carpio for being a handsome guy in his later 30's and for his versatility and Tom Hanks for his great acting skills and for never really having disappointed in a role he played..and that he managed to go from being funny in his 20's to taking on the serious roles but staying true to himself and always having a funny side somewhere...that he shows..he is an actor so modest and still so self confident..but he would never brag or act like a snob so that's why I like Tome Hanks and of course Leonardo di Caprio was a sexy hearttrob as "'Jack Dawson '' in 1997 '' in the movie ''Titanic'' but almost 15 years have passed since then and he still is good looking for a 37 year old..he is no longer 23 years old and he has gained a lot of acting skills and is a solid and great actor. who is also handsome and Gerard Butler can be handsome and some others..and they had gained weight and now lost if Leonardo di Caprio sometimes gains a bit of weight, that happens to a lot of actors and some have to even gain or lose weight for their Tom Hanks had to lose a lot of weight for his role in Cast Away and he did it..and then Gerard Butler gained weight and now he lost weight again and a lot of actors go through that..but one can easily gain or lose some weight if one is determined and as an actor one has to lose weight or gain if the role requires it...therefore Leonardo di Caprio is handsome..and he has a great's a lot easier to lose some bit of weight than to gain talent...and he got that..x

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    i might say he's. an incredible form of persons have faith he's, additionally, an excellent number of exhibits and flicks and such make references to the reality of him being good finding. Now that he's older, he isn't rather as dazzling finding, yet maximum folk understand his call. i think of that lots of persons theory he became into wonderful as Jack Dawson in "The great", 1997.

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    In my opinion, he's a good looking person.

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    I think so. To me, he looks better now than when he was younger.

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    Source(s): LOOKING AT HIS FASE AND/OR HIS (flabby) BODY
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