What percentage of questions asked are truly sincere?

I usually only answer questions in diseases and conditions specifically about heart diseases. I'm a heart attack suvivor and I have to admit that some of my answers are off the wall because I am amazed at the lack of concern with some of the symptoms people say they experience. I may have answered my own question because only about 50% of my answers are truly sincere. Oh well give me a % or take a wack, it's all in fun.


Thanks for both of your sincere answers. I too want to make a difference in the lives of people and share my experience with the heart attack so others my not need to experience it. My younger brother died at 50 years old back in Oct of 2011 from a heart attack so I do take this personal.

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  • 9 years ago
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    A lot of people on yahoo are very young. They look up every little symptom on the web--and think they have it. So I think a lot of the questions are sincere. Though it does get tiresome at times to answer the same questions over and over again.

    Most just want reassurance that they are normal. Some use it as a way to communicate. And others for fun.

    After you have been on here a while, you will recognize the BS ones and either ignore them or give stupid answers

    I do it with a real intent to try to help and because I get bored. I am physically limited in what I can do.

    So this keeps me occupied. And on the times I get best answer it makes me feel good.

    Like I am contributing in some way.

    Yes I know. Long answer.

    But it has been interesting reading some of your answers. It does make me smile at times.

    Keep it up.

    Take care.

    PS: I didn't realize you have been with Y/A since 2007. Nice to meet you :)

    Source(s): Heart attack X3, cardiomyopathy, etc,etc, Retired RN
  • 9 years ago

    Not alot if you ask me. What gets me is people dont put there age or Family/Personal History so its hard to really tell and symptoms they explain sometimes mean something other than a heart attack

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    What pisses me off is all the silly 12 year old girls asking moronic questions here, people who hesitate seeing their doctors, people who do not ask or understand anything their doctors say to them. And all the same ilk like these cretins.

    - triple bypass patient, who lost a brother 14 years ago to an MI, father 44 years ago, mother to CHF nine years ago.

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