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Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy?

We are doing spectroscopy in chemistry class at the moment, but i do not understand NMR. could someone please explain NMR simply but detailed if possible, or just explain it the best you can? it would be greatly appreciated.

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    OK .. ill put it simple ,

    Well , the nucleus of an atom exhibits spin see , the atom system is exactly like our solar system . OK coming back , so the nucleus spins , it can spin in two directions , hence it has two spins , spin up and spin , majority of the atoms , occupy a lower spin state , either spin up or spin down , it depends on the group of those atoms.

    Now when a magnetic field , corresponding to certain frequency , known as resonant frequency is introduced , the spin is reversed i.e it shifts to spin of high energy. this resonant frequency is specific for specific atoms and molecules.

    So thus NMR is very useful in identifying the molecule or atom. This technique is used in MRI . I've broken this complicated procedure to something very simple. I do realize that you need a detailed explanation , this "detailed explanation" is in Wikipedia , i guess i dont need to tell you that.

    And sorry for the delayed answer , the thing is this concept was in our syllabus last year , had some trouble recollecting . If you do find some more interesting questions please do post.

    Note; I do realize that some nuclei do not spin !

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