some of the best movies?

what are some movies that were very popular? i've been really lazy when it came to movies all my life so i haven't seen much movies. what are some movies you saw that were really good?

movies that won lots of awards? thanks!!

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    8 years ago
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    Action Blood Diamond ****

    Action Bourne series

    Action Breach

    Action Catch me if you can *****

    Action Matrix series

    Action Minority Report *****

    Action Rounders *****

    Action Runnaway Jury

    Action Slumdog Millionaire

    Action Taken (Liam Neeson)

    Action The Bank Job

    Action The Departed

    Action Twister

    Comedy About Schmidt

    Comedy As Good as it Gets *****

    Comedy Bad Santa

    Comedy Big

    Comedy It’s Complicated

    Comedy Liar Liar

    Comedy My Big Fat Greek Wedding

    Comedy Runaway Bride

    Comedy Something’s Gotta Give (Nicholson, hilarious) *****

    Comedy The Devil wears Prada

    Comedy The Proposal

    Documentary: The Farmers Wife

    Drama A Beautiful Mind

    Drama Amelia (True Story about Amelia Earhart)

    Drama Apollo 13

    Drama Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead

    Drama Blow *****

    Drama Bridges of Madison County *****

    Drama Castaway

    Drama Cider House Rules

    Drama Closer

    Drama Crash

    Drama Door to Door (William H. Macy very sweet movie)

    Drama Elizabeth / Elizabth Golden Age & The other Boleyn girl (sequals)

    Drama Finding Forrester *****

    Drama Forrest Gump *****

    Drama Friends with Money

    Drama Gia***** (Jolie)

    Drama Girl Interrupted (Jolie)

    Drama Grand Torino

    Drama In to the Wild ****

    Drama Indecent Proposal

    Drama Minority Report *****

    Drama/comedy My First Mister

    Drama On Golden Pond

    Drama Original Sin (Jolie)

    Drama Owning Mahowney (good poker movie)

    Drama Pay it Forward

    Drama Pretty Woman

    Drama Pursuit of Happiness *****

    Drama Pushing Tin

    Drama Rounders (great poker movie)

    Drama Rush (Jason Patrick)*****

    Drama Schindler’s List

    Drama Seabiscuit *****

    Drama Shakespear in Love

    Drama Sling Blade *****

    Drama The Blind Side

    Drama The Dead Zone (Christopher Walken)

    Drama The Perfect Storm

    Drama The Pianist (Oscar) *****

    Drama The Reader

    Drama The Wrestler

    Drama Under the Tuscan Sun

    Drama Vanilla Sky (Cruise) eclectic movie

    Drama Walk the Line

    Drama When a Man Loves a woman

    Drama/Action Boiler Room

    Drama/Love City of Angels

    Drama/Love Daniel DeRonda (GREAT movie buy on ebay) *****

    Drama/Love Nights in Rodanthe

    Drama/Love Pride & Prejudice (Colin Firth & Jennifer Ehle) *****

    Drama/Love Racing with the Moon (Sean Penn, Nick Cage, Elizabeth McGovern)

    Drama/Love The Family Man

    Drama/LOVE The Notebook (best love story)

    Drama/Oscar The Pianist

    Drama The Untouchables

    Drama Titanic

    Drama/Thriller Departed

    MUST SEE Daniel DeRonda

    MUST SEE Erin Brockovich (won Oscar)

    MUST SEE Green Mile

    MUST SEE Shawshank Redemption

    MUST SEE Tombstone

    Religious Book of Eli

    Religious Gospel of John (very good)

    Thriller A perfect Murder (Michael Douglas & Paltrow)

    Thriller Breach

    Thriller Derailed

    Thriller Fracture

    Thriller Identity

    Thriller Monster (Theron)

    Thriller Mr. Brooks

    Thriller Primal Fear *****

    Thriller Silence of the Lambs

    Thriller Sleeping with the Enemy

    Thriller Taken (Liam Neeson)

    Thriller The Glass House

    Thriller The Others

    Thriller The Vanishing

    Thriller Unfaithful

    Great Older Movies

    Defending your Life (Meryl Streep & Albert Brooks)

    Logan’s Run


    The Deep (Nick Nolte)

    Great to watch on line free – based on a true story

    Youtube thumbnail

    other parts will follow. Great story.

    Good new movie is Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris.”

    Downton Abbey - GREATEST new series (must watch in order)

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    Saving Private Ryan, Forest Gump, The Green Mile, Slumdog Millionaire, Pulp Fiction, The Departed and The Shawshank Redemption.

  • 8 years ago

    lethal weapon 1-4

    beverly hills cop 1-3

    die hard 2

    police adcemey 1-7

    robocop 2

    wedding singer

    porkys 3

    the punshier

    the day after tommorow

    iron man 2

    revenge of the nerds

    never been kissed

    what about bob


    white chicks

    major payne

  • Some of my personal favorites(most of them were highly rated):

    The Sixth Sense


    Last of the Mohicans

    all the Harry Potters


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    I have a large IMDB list dedicated to this very type of thing. The best of the movies I've seen. Includes all types of films of all years and genres. Enjoy:

    Hope you find something you've never heard of in it. Have a good day :)

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