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what would cause acidic stools in a 2 month old on formula?

the baby was breast feeding the first month or so, but the last few weeks not, just formula and it is the sensitive one enfimel I believe. His poo is yellowey, runny/sticky and looks seedy. Was not like this before. His rash is clearing up but he is having this type 3 or 4 times a day and it's not large amounts just small ones.

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    I don't any experience with babies but I'll try to help.

    Did he have a rota-virus vaccine recently (within 7 days)? That can cause mild diarrhea.

    Any dietary switch can cause intestinal problems. His natural intestinal flora is not used to the new food. Maybe you could try introducing a new food source more gradually. Ideally, it is best to do it over several weeks. Babies who are on formula are more likely to get infections because he is no longer receiving your immunity from your breast milk. Be extra careful to make sure the bottles are very clean and that you wash your hands often.

    What worries me the most is not the color but that it is runny. Diarrhea should clear up without treatment within 24 hours. He could become dehydrated if this continues. I would take him a doctor as soon as you can.


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    It sounds like his body is getting use to not being breastfed. A breast fed baby stool is usually a yellow mustard color, kind of loose and sometimes seedy anyway. My daughter started getting rashes when on cow's protein milk, she ended up having a dairy allegry. I went back to exclusively breastfeeding and took dairy from my diet and the rash went away. But daughter also had ezcema that would cause her to rash immediately after pooping. It could just be the milk, whether lactose intolerate or a ful dairy allegry. I would talk to the doctor and see if the baby should switch to soy milk or neocate if severe.

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