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Poll: Comic Books (American) and American Cartoons Vs. Manga and Anime?

Personally, I like comic books better. I like some anime/manga. Only two, though: Hetalia: Axis Powers and Pokemon. In my opinion Anime is way better than American cartoons except for Young Justice. That show is one of the only few decent things on television, nowadays. South Park, Family Guy, etc. are horrible. Anyways, comic books have better art than manga and no they aren't just about superheroes. I mean they are but if you took the time to read the origins of them and why they do what they do and actually pick up a comic and then it's pretty epic. For example, I absolutely love the comic book series: The Runaways. I have 6 issues so far and the characters are just so, I don't know, they seem real to me. I don't get this affect when I read manga. Another example of comics having cool origins that people don't think about is the first Robin (Dick Grayson). Most people just think of Batmans sidekick but a lot of them don't know that the boy was from the circus and he was an acrobat that watched his parents die right in front of him at eight years old. What's your opinion? I vote for anime being better than American cartoons (except Young Justice and Teen Titans) and comic books being better than manga.

P.S: Comic book art is a million times better and more realistic than manga even though manga can be cuter. Look at the differences between these pictures:


Comic books:

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  • Hurley
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    American Comics > Manga

    But depending on what exactly you are looking for Anime > American Cartoons

  • C T
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    8 years ago

    when it comes cartoons/ animes... i just like animated stuff in general, i watch a ton of cartoons, like ben10, generator rex, young justice etc.... but anime has more cartoons geared towards older audiences, also they're not as stuck in that superhero genre as american cartoons seem to be.

    So though i like cartoons, i say anime is better just because there is more, and its a little more diverse.

    And when it comes to manga vs comics. I go with manga simply because i can get them for free online. Comics books are expensive, i like burrowing some comics from my friends sometimes, but in the end manga are easier to come. I like comics maybe alittle more than manga

    If i was rich, I'd def have a large comic book collection

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    Personally, I think that it is unfair to compare the two because they are two completely different animals. Its like comparing Folk music to Pop. It depends on your preference. Comics are not at all "better".

    Manga isn't designed to be particularly realistic. It is suppose to be funny or dramatic. Characters, much like their animation, are like caricatures of real people. They are often more emotional and hasty. More sure of themselves and decisive. But this all depends on what you are picking up. I think that in general comics are more realistic because American comics deal with broad social issues and how they affect people (like crime in Batman or racism with X-Men). Manga is often more about the human psychology and overarching philosophical debates, characters represent a greater idea (like despair), so they may be less "realistic".

    Again, cartoons and anime are completely different. But as far as new cartoons from comic book, they're all pretty crappy to me. They seem kiddie and don't live up to the comic. Like the Batman. And a big criticism I have is that they almost never follow the story lines of the comics, however Anime almost always does.

  • Sep
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    8 years ago

    I prefer anime/manga to cartoons/comic s but I like both.

    I like anime better reason: I have still enjoy cartoons I watched as a kid, but I can't stand cartoons now and days because most cartoons are either amid at kids (I'm 24) or are amid at an older audience but are just full of really crude/just plain stupid jokes. The only currently running cartoon I still enjoy is South Park, but that may because I grew up with it. Anime on the other hand has more options.

    I like manga better reason: For some of the same reasons why I like anime, there is more to chose from in terms of story (plus as a girl manga has more stories amid at girls/women). I also I like the art style; in terms of realism the majority of both comics and manga are highly stylized (the style is just different for each country and you are probably just more accustom to the American style). However both have exceptions in which the art is more realistic.

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  • 8 years ago

    Personally, I prefer Anime over Cartoons. Don't get me wrong, I love American Cartoons. I have many fond memories of them as a kid. However, I believe American Cartoons are more geared to just comedy, save for the few exceptions. While I don't mind shows centered around comedy, I prefer the more dramatic/mature tone of most Animes. Animes, in general, also tend to be more character-driven, and contain actual character development. I also prefer the art style in Anime.

    Then in regards to Comics/Manga, I read neither.

  • 8 years ago

    I'm with Anime > American Cartoons.

    You know, a lot of the Animes I love have deep, actual meanings with strong plots, symbolism, themes and character development. IMO, American cartoons tend to be superficial and are just for entertainment.

    I can't judge comics vs. manga, as I don't read comics.

  • 8 years ago

    I'll go with either. I like many things about the Japanese product. I also like the European product as opposed to the American or Japanese product, though I thought Tintin, which some BELGIANS feel was a respectful adaptation was too cold and mechanical. American comics are just too corporate now. And with all those crazy copyright lawyers running around the fun stuff Lee and Kirby got away with during the Silver Age just won't be permitted.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I like anime, but I'm a huge comic book/cartoon fan. Cartoons introduced me to anime (Teen Titans, JLU etc). I'm especially a big fan of DC comics. Anime is cool, but I prefer comic books and American cartoons because I grew up with them.

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