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Is Mexico City (Mexico DF) not safe?

i am staying in mexico city for a while in Polanco to be exact so is it safe to go out at night ??

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    Mexico City is the safest city in Mexico. No shootouts between rival drug gangs or between govt. forces and gangs, no drive-bys, no slaughter of innocent civilians like in many other Mexican cities.

    It has the lowest murder rate for mega-cities in North America. There are areas where you should be careful and you should exercise precaution just as in any large city - be it New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Rome, Shanghai, London, Tokyo, Madrid, Paris, etc

    Polanco is one of the nicer parts of Mexico City. There is plenty of security. When foreign heads of state visit Mexico they often stay in hotels in Polanco. You will be fine in Polanco if you go out at night. It's known for the night life. I'll be going out in Polanco myself some night this week. Be sure to visit nearby Chapultepec Park, Chapultepec Castle, Anthropology and History Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. Have some world class Japanese food at the Nikko Hotel or at the Suntory restaurant. Go to Thai Garden if you like great Thai food. Enjoy the Crabhouse, Los Almendros Yucatán style food, have a great steak at one of the Argentinain steak houses, drop by the Hard Rock Café or one of the other places with live music or go to a disco if that is your style.

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    Mexico City is very safe at night. I´ve gone to many bars by walking in the midnight alone and nothing happens.

    As I answered to you in a previous question. Polanco is a shopping spot with very expensive stores. Polanco is home of a vast Jewish and Spanish emmigrates.

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    Mexico City (Ciudad de México) may be the capital of Mexico and an unbelievable town surrounded by grand hill ranges. To see that town you can pick the most effective choice hotelbye . The city's site is unquestionably breathtaking. Two impressive snow-covered volcanoes, Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl, tower over it using their more of 5,000 meters. Mexico City also preserves countless reminders of their past and these are issues that entice the tourists. The beating center of Mexico City is Zócalo - the Plaza de la Constitución (Constitution Square) - where the country's first structure was proclaimed in 1813 and now could be one of the very most visited host to Mexico City since it's among the world's largest squares. In Mexico City you can even visit: the National Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Templo Mayor.

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    Don't listen to any of these idiots. Let me help you out... because I am an American living here now. I live in the most dangerous place in the city over on Linea A on the south east side. And guess what. I speak english loud and clear. I walk around at 4 in the morning. And I take pictures of cops while laughing. Nothing has happened to me in the whole year I have lived here. You live in a rich, safe area with tons of embassies and clubs. My advice, if you feel unsafe. Stick to La Condesa. All the richest people, most foreign people and never get carded and don't even need a passport. But... I know many people here. I even ride the metro all over town by myself. No problem at all. Ever.

    Your area is among the safest. The orange line is nice. I lived in estado de mexico, and san antonio on the orange line. Ive lived all over this city, safe and unsafe.Only problem I had here was big stomach problems the first month. Found my wife here too. I am 23 years old. Audio engineer. And love it here, dont ever need to leave. No cartels here by the way. My wifes family are friends with many cartel families. Only up north and way down south by the boarders are the cartels. Mexico City has no violent cartel activity at all. None. How do I know all this. I live here. There other idiots don't live here and are brainwashed by "statistics" and "CNN". Your fine, just keep an eye out. And also. I have never ever delt with policia corruption. And I have never been in trouble. And I am loud, I stare at cops, and I dont give a ****. Dont look like you have money, dont dress like a slut, and dont flash your fancy american lifestyle around and your golden.

    Source(s): I live in Mexico City.
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    I am quite sure that 1st answerer has not been to every part of Mexico. the great majority of Mexico is safe. Polanco is a very uppity part of mexico City and i believe it would be safe. ask at the hotel or ask people in the neighborhood if there have been problems there. there are thousands of Americans in Polanco...you should run into them easily.

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    Mexico City along with places on the Yucatan peninsula are very safe at night, and actually have the least amount of violence in the country

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    Mexico is not safe. It is too hard go out to work, or school and don't scared

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    If you answer my question then you can answer your by yourself, is new York city and LA safe??? No city is safe and American media over react to everything

    Source(s): Been to NYC and not very safe been to méxico city and it's no problem
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    Nowhere in mexico is safe at night

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