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do fish sleep and for how long?

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    Fish rest, they snatch sleep here and there, they don't have eyelids so don't cozy up and shut their eyes.

    Diurnal fish (that's fish active during the day) will often tuck themselves into hiding places, or rest on the substrate, when it's completely dark. In the wild this is so they can hide from nocturnal predators. Marine Parrotfish blow themselves a mucus bubble to sleep in during the night on the reef, to try and hide their smell from the nocturnal sharks that would LOVE to eat them. Clown Loaches are known to sleep on their sides and freak out their owners who think they've died too haha!

    Nocturnal fish will go into hiding and rest until they have their darkness and deem that time to roam around in relative safety.

    So yes, technically fish do have sleep periods the same as any other animal.

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    my fish are a year old and i've never seen them sleep so i doubt it

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    Nope, they don't sleep.

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