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does anyone know where i can find that really sad southern blues fiddle music they use in soundtracks?

Iv been looking for that sad blue fiddle music, but it always comes up with that fast hill billy ****, i want the legato type stuff... the fiddle music they use in sad movies.. the southern type style of fiddle..but sad... please help meeee!!


Ok.martin, i do know the difference. i studied music history. i used those terms cuz theyr easier for most of the population to understand. and u are infact incorrect cuz that is not what I am looking for. i know the difference between texas style and southern style. and im looking for southern style. although you are right with regards to long bow, that is what i am looking for, just not the style your thinking of...I have yet to find it. and in this case, the bpm has a HUGE affect. all of those links you gave me are all slightly faster than what i am looking for. what im talking about can be described as very slow very dreary desolate music that makes your stomach feel like its in your throat and you can feel every inch of disdain and need for something more in the music, you can feel the longing for something and the music is a perfect representation of it and it just drags you down with it and there is no feel-good ending... ok?

5 Answers

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