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What makes ya think USA won't erupt into Civil War before November? FEMA have been building MANY prison camps?

What makes ya think USA won't erupt into Civil War before November?

FEMA have been building MANY prison camps, all over USA

Homeland Security have long classified all born-again Bible-believers as potential terrorists

Learn from Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot & Amin massacres of political dissidents

When your life's threatened, words don't work

Leon Trotsky said change comes outa da barrel of a gun

False prophet Mad Megalomaniac Mo: a serial rapist pedophile who ordered global jihad bloodbath

He lied when he said no non-Muslim land would ever beat a Muslim land in battle

God gave tiny Israel miraculous victories over all Arabs in 1948, '56, The 6-Days War of '67, the 1-Day Yom Kippur War of 1973, the intafada ...

Even more miraculous victories prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39, Zechariah 12:2-8, Joel 3, Zech 14 etc

Extreme pain: the Great Tribulation is the worst time ever

In the last days, terrible times will come

Revelation prophesies the classic pattern of escalation

Rev 6:8 - 25% of mankind die in a mix of war, famine, pestilence & by the wild beasts

In Rev 9:13-18, 33% of survivors die in war begun @ R Euphrates

Israel is God's barometer: Armageddon is when armies of all nations, under Antichrist, invade Israel

Christ slaughters Antichrist armies & rules earth in perfect peace & justice

He is 'Prince of Peace' - partly as 'a fire goes out before Him & burns up all His enemies'

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    you know what annoys me most about all this question the fact that Christians in the US think every last bloody word in the Bible is about the US. Civil war did the bible predict they would go to a civil war in the 1860's that they would murder many of the Native American's to take control of the land mass. Really if these bible writers were so bloody accurate about the US they would have warned people not to leave Europe and break the laws of God and murder men women and children in the name of God

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    Occupy Wall Street ,ight be escalated into civil wars. In addition, the diverse political conflicts will bring U.S. to be divided into six countries starting a New World Order.

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    8 years ago

    Defence or Offence ?

    Hard to tell.

    Civil Defence ? Failed miserably,after Katrina.

    Locking up loony Christians ?

    Well that seems absolutely logical,put them and the Mad Mullah lot,in the same places.

    Equality and all that.

    Source(s): If it's a "plot" against the American People,it's a Cross-Party,long standing one.
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    1)when people stretch their hands to receive small gray world passport, a green electronic tattoo (three sixes like on a timer) will be given by lasers on the wrist area or forehead. this is the infamous mark of the beast. police will later laser people with it. food stores will be set up to laser people with it too. those who receive this tattoo will not be forgiven.

    2)antichrist will rule from jerusalem. he has white powder on his face. also, he has red eyes. this ruler will be surrounded by demons who will appear as angels of light. this ruler will move very fast. he will also make fire come down from the sky. those who worship this red-eye ruler will not be forgiven.

    3)demons dress in fake human skin and fly in ufo ships. they will invite people to be healed in their ufo ships. whoever goes in, comes out a zombie.

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    Meanwhile, back in Reality:

    That FEMA camp crap was myth-busted years ago.

    Link -

    Ask your doctor if Sanity is right for you.

    Because whatever you've been using as a substitute just ain't working.

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    If we do go into civil war, i'm hunting you down for making this question so damn hard to read.

  • 8 years ago

    Religion is fun isn`t it?

  • Andi C
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    8 years ago

    All that bile can't be good for you!

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