Where to find Govt./Military grade signals analasis type software?

Where can I find Govt./Military grade signals analasis type software? I am hoping to get a job at IntelliGenesis LLC. So I'm looking for software of that type. If I can't ask here, where can I post this question for an answer?

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    8 years ago
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    Check with Russian Prime Minister Mr. Putin. He may have some left over from the KGB. They may have some software laying around that you could get for a few million rubles.

    Nothing available in the US for sale. If you do find signals analysis software recommend ask for the FBIs ID so that you will know who is arresting you for espionage. The price will likely be greater than the Russians - maybe 15-20 years in a Federal prison.

    Lieutenant Colonel, US Marine Corps-Retired (SIGINTL is a highly classified area - suggest apply for the job and hope for the best).

    • Thank you so much Lt. Colonel! I apologize for responding more than 4 years after you responded though, I have had so much schoolwork and other things that I had no time to check my personal yahoo email. I am probably going to apply for the equivalent of SIGINTEL in the Israely army. Thanks again!

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