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How many operatives of Heartland, or other AGW denier astroturf groups, did the G. W. Bush administration hire?

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    Liam - The common guess of how El Nino and La Nina occur is not carbon dioxide. The common guess is the amount of solar input. El Nino and La Nina are short term oscillatory cycles that merely redistribute energy from the oceans to the atmosphere. Anthropogenic global warming deals with the changing energy balance of the planet and the warming that occurs as a result throughout the system. I think you need to seriously study up on what the greenhouse effect is and what occurs as a result of it increasing. It has nothing to do with El Nino and La Nina.

    Hey Dook - I don't know but this is interesting http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com/2012/02/...

  • Why worry about who they hired when this is the simple truth about the climate:-

    The biggest effect on the worlds climate comes from the El Nino and La nina systems in the major oceans. The changes in ocean surface temperatures are what causes the weather in various parts of the world to change.

    What is not known, or not really understood, is how these systems are formed. The common "guess" is that the changes are caused by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, a very poor and non proven theory.

    The real, (and deliberately ignored due to political posturing of the CO2 protagonists), reason, is the thousands of volcanic vents on the floor of the oceans. These vents at the margins of the tectonic plates are continuously sending water heated to over 300 degrees centigrade into the oceans. The the heated water forms thermal layers called temperature inversions. (This is similar to those effects seen over major cities, where still warm air is trapped over the city by cold air above it in the atmosphere, and usually causes a build up of pollution).

    When the hot water is carried by the ocean currents into areas of warmer water in the tropics, it rises to the surface, causing the El Nino effect. This effect can most easily be seen in the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic. The cold water from the north polar waters is heated by the vents in the Puerto Rican trench, which reaches nearly all the way to Iceland, and rises to the surface around the Caribbean islands. The Earthquake in Haiti a couple of years ago, plus the Icelandic volcanoes which recently erupted, reduce the pressure of the vents in the trench, resulting in cooler water in the Gulf stream heading back into the North Atlantic, and causing the very bad winters Europe has had over the past two years.

    The use of carbon dioxide as a "whipping boy" by environmentalists is just a ploy by radicals to disrupt the economies of western countries to meet their anti capitalist agenda. Unfortunately too many politicians have fallen for this subterfuge.

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