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American Idol Top 24: One contestant has me worried?

The Top 24 (soon to be 25) has me worried. I agree around 99% with the judges decision, but that other 1% has me very worried, and that's Eben Francowitz. After Scotty McCreey's ludicrous victory due to teenage girls making the voting biased, how teenage girls are crazy over Justin Bieber (a guy I cannot stand...period), and how Eben was compared to Bieber, I am praying, PA-RAYING, that he does not end up making the voting biased. Make sure to check, cause if Eben has significantly more votes than any other contestant, then unfortunately, we might have another guy winning only because of biased voting. If Eben does get the most votes, he better be phenomenal, or else we'll know that American Idol is still just a popularity contest. Is anyone else worried about that like I am? Do you think the top 24 (soon to be 25) is correct? Or do you think there's someone that should or should not be there?

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    The boy has a totally different singing style from Justin Bieber. He sings a lot more songs from the heart whereas Justin Bieber mixes his singing with a lot of Hip hop ...totally different style. I also don't understand why so many hate Justin Bieber. He was never a contestant on ''American Idol'' he has something that is totally different from Eben Frankowitz..Justin Bieber is more like the white version of David Leathers Jr. who got sent home when both of them were the last in the whole building and the dark skinned singer was told that he did not make it..but he is a lot more like Justin Bieber because in his nature Justin Bieber is a guy who has a lot of self confidence and he has stage presence and he has what some girls aged 13 to 16 may call charisma...and guys hate him and 17 year old girls think he is ''too young for them...but Justin Bieber has nothing in common with Eben Frankowitz...he sings a much less modern style he prefers the songs that come from the heart and Justin Bieber always adds some hip hop or some rap to his songs...I can't imagine Eben feeling at ease with that...and he has a great voice but he is not that super confident..Justin Bieber was 12 years old and he went out into the streets with his guitar and he sat in the middle of a square and sang to any passerby..he has a good self esteem and he was lucky that L.A. Reid discovered him and a lot of people hate him because he is the most highly paid 18 year old..he has 32 million dollars in his bank account...I don't believe there are many American Idol winners apart from Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood and David Cook maybe who can come close to having that much money and they were some of the most successful singers and winners of American Idol...I just heard that Adam Lambert has been given the chance to do one performance with Queen..he only came in second place in the year when Kris Allen won but there are a lot more DVD's by Adam Lambert out there and Adam Lambert now gets to perform ''just once'' with ''Queen'' that must add to his fame to perform with a famous group like that...and they picked him.

    Eben and Justin are so different like fire and water...

    Eben has a purer voice but Justin always sang the more current songs that teenagers liked to hear and he performs on stage..he does not just stand there he moves around and he connects with the audience that's why he is so uninhibited and why he has the stage's not just his singing's his ability to not have stage fright and he can be very mature when he hears so many people hate him he understands that it's part of showbusiness that if you have fans you ultimately also have people who hate your guts but that does't deter Justin.

    There will be soon one of the guys added again who has been sent home before so that they will have 13 guys and it could be David Leathers Jr.when they told Eben that he made it ...there are 4 guys they have in mind and he is one of's up to the judges to decide and they will tell us next week who is the 25th member ..who is added to the 12 guys...x

    Those are the 4 options and one of them will be added. I would not add Richie Law..Whatever you say about Scottie McCreery he was a teamplayer and he got along with the other competitors and Richie Law sings country music as well and the guy with the cowboy hat was modest to the judges and polite but he said a lot of rude things when he had to work in groups and he made it clear that he is not there to make friends but to win..that is not an attitude I like and we had a guy win Country music last year...I don't believe Richie Law is bad but Scotty McCreery had the deep voice and he was more easy going than Richie is...he does not like team work so I would not vote for him and Jermaine Jones is good but he is a baritone with a voice that does not really fit American Idol maybe he would be better off at America got talent or somewhere else..the gentle giant...that leaves

    David Leathers.Jr or Johnny Keyser who will be asked to join the other 24..I bet it will be David Leathers or maybe Johnny Keyser..I don't believe it will be Jermaine Jones or Richie Law because he reminds in his singing too much of Scotty McCreery with an attitude..x

    It's already a done deal that it will be one of the following guys whom they will add and will let us know on Tuesday next week who it is..Johnny Keyser, David Leathers Jr, Jermaine Johnes or Richie Law...not a girl a guy..x

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    I think the teen vote could go to Phil Phillips or colton dixon

    I am not sure if eben will be the teen votes

    He will get teen votes, but not like Kris allen did, more like the guy tim that season

    the last 4 winner has been picked on looks and teen vote and south and middle of the country

    His last name could hurt him in the middle and southern part of the voting

    I do think it will be another male, base on looks and other people who are better singer will not win

    Another guy, like we really need another guy

    I hope if they do 13, they will will pick a girl and not a guy

    You know the first three will be girls

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    I'm in my 30's and i absolutely loved Scotty McCreery and voted for him! I agree with you about Eben...while he seems like a nice kid, I think his voice is too high, I couldn't listen to him for any length of time. I hope he gets through a few rounds because he does deserve that. There is one of the girls,not Skyler but the other one who sings country, that I was surprised to see selected for the Top 24, I thought her voice was very screechy. I hope that Heejun wins the whole show, I think he's very talented and a great guy too! :)

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    i can pick at least 6 that shouldn't be there and i'm sure they will be eliminated. as far as eben is concerned, if people like him, they will buy his records and that's what it's all about for the producers. i don't think he will win anyway

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    Ugh Eban shouldn't have made it into the top 24 :/ it's going to be a fiasco with the teenage girls (I'm a teen girl myself, but I definitely won't be voting for him- we do NOT need another Justin Bieber).

    My favorite is Phil Phillips!

    I hope they bring David Leathers back!

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