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Seabees Vs. CEC officer?

I am 17 and having a hard time trying to figure out my future. lol. My goal in life is to be a Civil Engineer. I can't decide wether to enlist in the Navy as a Seabee and get my degree after my service requirement then comission as a CEC officer OR go to college first, get my degree, then comission as an officer. If I went to college first I would apply for the Civil Engineer Collegiate Program, how hard is it to be selected for that?

My recruiter mentioned that I would be a good candidate for the Navy Nuclear Power Program but I'm not that interested in that.

Any suggestions, Thanks

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    If you want to be a Civil Engineer, go to college, get a Civil Engineering degree, and join the CEC. Being an enlisted Seabee isn't great preparation for being a CE. It's more related to the construction and production side than design (even as an EA). Being a Seabee while help you more in becoming a construction worker/manager.

    I can't speak for the CE Collegiate Program, because truthfully, I've never heard of it.

    Source(s): Active-duty Navy and NROTC instructor
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