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Meta-meta-meta Yahoo Answers question involving onomastics?

Has anyone else noticed that among all the st00pid questions asked here, the st00pidest are INVARIABLY asked by people named something like Bryttoneieye or Shaqwheeshqa-etta or Swagmaster or I_Pwn_You_To_Megadeth, never by Susan or Albert? Could we get a SWAT team of sociologists on this right away, please?

Oh, and for all you Tifffennyes and whatnot who are always asking for "57 literacy [sic] terms" in some overdone Robert Frost poem: this was a "rhetorical question," although that's probably not how you'd spell it.

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    I appreciate a good rhetorical question. I particularly treasure someone who actually knows not only the value of a rhetorical question, but how to spell it properly. I can tolerate typos - hey, we all make mistakes - but it's the deliberate cutesification of the language and bowderlization of the spellings (t3LL m3 h^w @nNoYing yOu find something that reads like a flipping ransom note) that makes me weep for the future of humanity.

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