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Why non Muslims are not allowed to marry Muslims unless they convert to Islam?

but still thousand of Muslims marry each year in almost every country people who believe in other religions. I think this is totally unfair.

I think Islam should allow non-Muslims to marry Muslims without convert to Islam. then that's the true religious freedom.


God rules? how hypocrites.

Update 2:


My sister is a Buddhist and my brother-in law is a Christian and they have been living well for 5 years.

because both Christianity and Buddhism don't force religious rules nowadays(Buddhism doesn't have any rule ) so there is no issue at all. so don't lie. it's only an issue of Islam.

Update 3:


Buddhism never says non-Buddhists go to hell. it's only people who do terrific works.

you may believe Islam or whatever anything but if you do any harm to anyone even by the name of the religion it's a sin in Buddhism.

Update 4:

@Nisse is here

Is that why Muslim men crawl Europe to grab Christian girls? then later force them to convert Islam?

I have seen a ton of incidents like this. but no Muslim family gives their daughter to a non-Muslim man unless he comes to Islam.

Update 5:


I think you are the only Muslim I came across who admits what really happens out there.

most of Muslims never admit their faults instead they justify it with a lot of gibberish.

glad to know there are people like you exist.

Update 6:

@Farooq Raz

Buddhists doesn't worship gods.

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    Muslim men are allowed to marry Christian and Jewish women. But Muslim women are not allowed to marry non muslims.

    The reason is that Islam, unlike judaism, is inherited down by the father. In other words, SEXISM

    Trust me, I am an engineer

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  • 8 years ago

    Because Islam is an imperialist war doctrine.

    Women are considered inferior so if a Muslim man marries a non-Muslim women they consider that successful conquest as women are assumed to convert to the man's religion and this way the children will become Muslims and the conquest of the Kuffar through the womb is successful.

    For the same reasons Muslim women may never be married to a non-Muslim as they consider that a loss which is unacceptable.

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  • 8 years ago


    This is going to go against the traditionalist mode of thinking. However, here are some verses to reflect on:

    2:221 And do not marry the female polytheists until they believe. For a believing female servant is better than a polytheist even if she attracts you. And do not marry the male polytheists until they believe. For a believing male servant is better than a polytheist even if he attracts you. Those invite to the Fire, while God is inviting to the Paradise and forgiveness by His consent. He clarifies His revelations for the people that they may remember.

    Basically, believers should marry believers according to the Quran. This whole "converting" nonsense stems from sectarian rubbish. Believers are those who are aware of One God. The men are allowed to marry "People of the Book", and the women are not forbidden from this either. However, the "People of the Book" these days have also fallen into idolatry, and so it is better for believers to marry believers in accordance to the above verse. However, there are still pockets of "The People of the Book" existing in small communities, and so the individual would have to make the choice as to whether they want to marry merely a Muslim, or perhaps a Momin (one who studies the Quran and strives to implement this guidance within their lives).

    Anyway, I'm not offended by your question. This converting nonsense is rampant. I always feel sad when I see a man "converting" for his fiance rather than converting because he truly believes. Sectarians often get joy out of this, but it really just saddens me because it's essentially "fake" and "coerced".

    Source(s): I consider myself a Muslim and I read the Quran.
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  • 8 years ago

    The fact of the matter is that we Muslims believe anyone who commits "shirk", in other words someone who rejects the existence of a God will not enter heaven. God said He will forgive any sin, even murder, but one who rejects faith in a God or makes anyone or anything equal to Him may or may not get heaven. Yes this sounds harsh but its a fact for Muslims. On the countrary, I believe we as Muslims and human beings have no right or religious basis to condemn ANYONE for his or her belief, whether he or she is religious or an atheist. Moreover Islam is not a religion of compulsion. No one should be forced into this religion. So I also condemn the actions of "Muslim" extremists who fortify this belief, for this is not the true understanding of Islam. A person should choose to accept the faith if he or she truly desires it...not only for the sake of having the spouse of their dreams. Again I dont justify the ideology that women should not be able to choose their husbands. This is not Islam. A women has just as much right to love and marry a man whom she wants to be with as does a guy. This is where the "grey" area resides, so to speak. Muslims don't marry non-Muslims because im sorry to say, it wont go well in the long run. You may share many qualities such as eating the same kind of food, watching the same kind of movies, ect ect, but ultimately when it comes to pleasing God through worship, a major differentiation can be seen. And for true Muslims our ultimate goal is not to seek pleasure in this life, but to do as much good in this world for the sake of God, so that we may be privileged to be in His presence (with our spouses and family) in the hereafter. And for those of you [Athiests or otherwise] who think what I'm saying is a bunch of "crap" and a prolonging "fantasy tale" can already see, through your thoughts and beliefs, as to why Muslims cannot coexist as husband and wife with non Muslims. But hey, who am I to speak. Go marry who you want...its your life...

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  • 8 years ago

    well duh. because according to Islam, anyone who is not a Muslim will go to hell. (just like in any other religion, they think that those who dont follow will go to hell too). Non Muslims go against what Muslims believe in, therefore Islam says Muslims can only marry Muslims. why would it be ok for a true, believing Muslim to marry someone who did not follow or agree to their beliefs? it's a big sin.

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  • 8 years ago

    Because non-muslims are following false God,and if Muslims will mary them it may be possible their child could be also worshipers of false God

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  • 4 years ago

    Laws are laws. The reason is to discourage intermarriage so as to preserve the Islam religion and the Malay DNA from being "contaminated"

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  • 8 years ago

    It all comes down to oneness. Marriage is all about being unified with your spouse. It's hard to get along with your spouse when you have different religions and outlooks on life or world-views.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    God's rules, not ours.

    We won't disregard them, either.

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