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Can I ground myself from static electricity by doing this?

I read somewhere on Tom's Hardware that when building a computer, if I install the power supply unit, and plug it into an outlet, but maintain the power supply unit off, then by touching the casing of the unit, I'll be discharging any static electricity I may have as the power supply will be ground. Is this true? I'd hate to kill my computer parts for my first build. Thanks.

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  • Shodan
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    8 years ago
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    Yes that will work, the ground of the power supply will be connected to the metal casing, so you will discharge yourself by touching the casing.

    Edit: I agree with Jimmy jump, components have been designed nowadays to become more ESD resistant, but I would still recommend connecting the PSU to the mains socket, but with the switch turned off. Even though the metal casing will absorb any ESD, the charge of the casing is building up without it going back into the earth when the cable to the PSU is disconnected.

    Source(s): I have done this plenty of times. Electronic engineer
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  • 8 years ago

    You discharge yourself by touching any large metal object. Wether it's your computer case (plugged into the mains or not, it doesn't matter) or any big, solid object.

    I've assembled hundreds of computers without ever grounding myself, though...

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