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How much money do I need to move from Maine to Los Angeles California?

I am 21 years old.. I have a CNA licence, i want to go to college to become an RN... But im in an abusive sitchuation, and i need to get far far away from where i am... I met a guy in Cali, and want to move there... I wont have a job or place to live, or vehicle... how much $ am i looking at?


I am a Certified Nursing Assistant, and have a GED... I did go to a vocational college to get these. So i would be looking for a job in the medical Field.I have 3 years experience, and Ive been licensed (as a C.N.A) for over 5 years. Most likely a C.N.A job @ a Nursing home, or a hospital, doc office, ETC.. Also, dose anyone know if my license will be active, in California, since I got it originally in Maine? How hard do you think/how long will it take me to find a job like that, once I am there?

Update 2:

PLEASE, i need some more oppinions/feedback from you all..

I need out of Maine one way or another.

Please help..

Update 3:

I also wanted to add, that I am open to finding a roommate In California. Obviously that's not "ideal" but it would be a start... So, if i were able to find a decent person in California to split bills with... well, that would be a substantial help.. I would think anyways. What do you think? And for the record, why I want to move there; I plan to attend college to become a R.N in California. Probably wont be as soon as I move there, more like 6 months or more.. So there is also a possibility of some student loans. But, nothing is "set in stone." Also, I have no family, no "ties" to maine. Um, some really difficult things have happened to me recently, and I guess I just really need a change. Also, my current living situation is not safe. It's very unhealthy. And I know that it is doing me more damage then good to stay...

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    Honestly, it doesn't even matter. You just laid out a plan for disaster. Without a job, a place to live, a vehicle, or other necessities, you will certainly end up on the streets. Let me tell you, the streets in L.A. are cold - don't expect any sympathy. Contrary to what some people seem to think, moving to L.A. won't solve their problems whatever they may be. Your problems will follow you.

    California has a high unemployment rate and a high cost of living. Jobs are hard to find right now and the state's economy isn't expected to return to pre-recession levels until 2016 at the earliest. People are moving out of the state everyday to look for jobs. Since you have no college degree and no marketable skills, you will not be able to afford California -- it's one of the most expensive states to live in and high-paying jobs require college degrees. California is not a state to move to if you are looking for work and definitely not a state to move to if you have no money and no education beyond high school.

    A decent 1 BR apartment starts at $1,200 per month and goes up from there. Landlords want first month's rent, last month's rent, and security deposit at signing. They will also do credit checks and most will have income requirements (i.e. at least 2.5X your income - impossible with a minimum wage job). Most teens/young adults do not have an established credit history as well as a rental history. Don't even bother with Craigslist - it's full of scams. If it's too good to be true, it is. Also, in L.A., cheap = undesirable neighborhood (i.e. high crime, ghetto, etc.). You get what you paid for.

    You didn't meet this guy online did you? These kinds of situations can get very ugly: Girl meets guy online and agrees to meet him in person often in a faraway place. The guy abuses her, turns her into a sex slave, rapes her or murders her - ugly indeed.

    The proper abbreviation for California is Calif. or Cal, NOT "Cali".

    Bottom line: Stay where you are. You don't know what you're doing. L.A. will chew you up and spit you right back to Maine. Get your RN license first and THEN consider moving here. For your reference, set aside $15-20K for your move.


    You still want to move here? Why do you want to move to California?

    To work as a CNA in California, you need to request reciprocity. Contact the California Department of Public Health for information. With three years experience, you *might* be able to find work. However, CNA's do not make a lot of money (only a few dollars more than minimum wage) and L.A. is not a cheap city to live in.

    Like I said, get your RN license first and look for a job. Don't move here until you have a job lined up and the aforementioned $15-20K in cash. As a CNA, you WILL struggle to survive.

    Source(s): A harsh reality check.
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    well i live in cali (L.A) to be exact for 5 years going on 6 and i must say its not cheap to live out here at all the expense of living out here is pretty high and Los Angeles is a pretty expensive place to live depending on what area your living in but i'd say you save up some money before you move out here but i'd say your looking at around for a car and a well apartment the car shouldn't be a problem for you to buy but the rent for apt out here is ridiculous smh some apt is not even worth the money they charge but apt run any from $800-2,000 or $3,000 a month but like i said stated before thats all goes on what area you wanna live in.

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