Steak: Is there a difference between medium-well and medium rare?

I'm not sure what medium well is, but I like my steak cooked that way. When I ask for well done, they burn it. I was told that medium well and medium rare are two different things. What's the difference? Thanks.

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    9 years ago
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    >Medium well is when everything is cooked (browned) to the center except for a lite pink stripe in the middle barely showing. Medium Rare is when the meat is cooked (browned) on the outside ONLY and is RARE about half way through the meat. For medium rare, there should be uncooked blood on the plate (EWE - I hate that!).

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    Steak Medium Well

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    In most restaurants, medium-rare will give you a steak that looks cooked on the outside but when you cut in the middle will have a red/pink warm center. It will not be cooked all the way through the middle. Medium-well will be cooked through the middle. No pink in the middle. It will be a grey warm to hot center. If well done is too burnt for you (it usually is) then try medium well or medium. Good hunting!

    Source(s): Tons of restaurant work experience and eating delicious steak.
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    Medium Well Steak Temp

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    It's all about the temperature of the meat. Rare means that the meats quite 'undone' and well means that it's quite 'done'. Well done meat has been cooked longer and therefore there's no red meat in the core of the steak. Medium has been cooked a bit shorter and has a red/pink lining in the core. A rare cooked steak has been cooked quite short and is red and bloody in the core.

    If you grill a steak yourself you can choose the desired doneness by measuring the core temperature of the steak. Use a meat thermometer and measure in the core of the steak. For example: a medium well steak has a core temperature of about 134 degrees Fahrenheit.

    I have found this Grill Chart that tells you what the core temperatures are for the level of doneness you want.

    Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Medium rare meat is slightly more cooked than rare: Rare - (120°F core temp) The outside is gray-brown, and the middle of the steak is red and slightly warm. Medium rare - (145°F degrees core temp) The steak will have a fully red, warm center. Unless specified otherwise, upscale steakhouses will generally cook to at least this level.

  • Moneek
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    I love grilled steak,( at a Steak House)

    Well done is usually all dried out...not a sign of pink.

    I order medium well done, which is nice and juicy and a slight bit of pink in the center.

    All people have their choice but if I see the slightest sign of blood, I cannot eat it.

    Went to a buffet last week and they were serving what looked like the perfect roast beef. But when they cut into it...the blood poured out. Thought I would die. was freezing cold.

    They offered to cook it further in the microwave. Can you believe THAT?????

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    Medium-well is halfway between medium and well.

    Medium-rare is halfway between medium and rare.

    Medium means a little pink in the center, so medium-well is more cooked than this (nearly all gray/brown in the center) and medium-rare means a little less than this, so pinkish in the center.

    Then you have well done which is brown all the way through (and dry!) and rare which is red/pink in the center. If you want a little pink, ask for medium. If you want more pink (and more juicy) ask for medium-rare.

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    Blue - Completely red

    Rare - Red throughout but sealed brown on the outside

    Medium/Rare - Mostly red throughout but more browned on the outside in more

    Medium - Half red inside and well browned on the outside

    Medium well done - Hardly any red left

    Welldone- no signs of red in the meat, completely brown

    Source(s): Learned it on my catering course haha :)
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The difference is how they are cooked. Medium well is cooked longer, medium rare is cooked to less time and looks more pink (bloody).

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