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Should i trade away dan harren matt cain dexter fowler and gaby sanchez for daniel hudson anibal sanchez......?

desmond jennings and austin jackson?

C JP Arencibia

1B Freddie Freeman

2B Neil Walker

3B Pablo Sandoval

SS JJ hardy

OF Matt Kemp

OF Micheal Bourn

OF Desmond Jennings

UTIL Melky Cabberea

UTIL Jeff Fracouer

BN Chase Headly

BN Austin Jackson

SP Daniel Hudson

SP Anibal Sanchez

RP Frank Francisco

RP JJ Putz

P Gio Gonzalez

P Tim Hudson (out a lil while but when hes healthy hell be here)

P Joe Nathan

P Tyler Clippard

BN Edwin Jackson

BN Ivan Nova

BN Erik Bedard

would be my lineup. should i?

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  • 8 years ago
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    No keep it like it is

    good luck

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  • 8 years ago

    You'll get power from Arencibia, Freeman, Kemp and some from Cabrera, Francoeur Sandoval, those first three you can almost assuredly pencil in for at least 25 HR this year so that's significant power, Freeman is the only guy who might by under, Arencibia will for sure and Kemp hit 40 last year so you have enough power. Speed is a very undervalued fantasy stat, SB can win you a lot of matchups and guys who get a lot of SB have a good OBP obviously too, they usually fill at least 4-cats with SB, OBP, BA and Runs.

    I'd take that deal, it'd be hard for me to part with Gaby Sanchez given the stacked lineup he's playing with this year though. He'll most likely be hitting 5th behind Bonifacio, Reyes, Ramirez and Stanton with power bats behind him too in Logan Morrison and John Buck so he'll be seeing a lot of quality pitches. Nobody wants to pitch fastballs to Hanley or Stanton so he's gonna get a majority of them. If he can remain disciplined he's gonna have a monster year.

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  • 8 years ago

    Awful lot of speed, not a lot of power in that lineup.

    You'd be better off trading for a proven power hitter.

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