Why did Robert Owen found New Harmony, Indiana?

Short answer please.

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    Robert Owen endeavored to improve the health, education, well-being and rights of the working class.

    Owen established this utopian colony in New Harmony which gained prominence as a cultural and scientific center and attracted many noted scientists, educators, and writers. Dissension arose, and in 1828 the community ceased to exist as a distinct enterprise, although the town remained an intellectual center. The nation's first kindergarten, first free public school, first free library, and first school with equal education for boys and girls were all established there. Some

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    New Harmony Robert Owen

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    He was trying to set up a Utopian society. He had written about them so he wanted to put it into practice. He lived in Wales but the community of Harmony, Indiana became available. It had been founded by George Rapp to create another Utopian society. His community wanted to move back to Pennsylvania so they sold to Robert Owen who changed the name to New Harmony. He never left Wales and his vision of a Utopia didn't happen. Many who were opportunistic moved into the community and that doesn't do for a utopia.

    The town of New Harmony still exists. I went there for Sunday brunch once.

    Source(s): Wikipedia / robert Owen
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    See link below. I am not sure that "found" is the right term, since the Harmonists had already founded the community Harmonie on the same site.

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