speech about paris, france?

Ok so I am going to do an informative speech on Paris Fance. There is just so much to write on adn I am having a hard time narrowing it down as to what I should write about. I cannot try to persuade my audience to want to go there i can only state the facts. I was thinking to do it on monuments, fashion and??? I am not even sure if i should do it on fashion any help with three catigories would be great and then i coould just go from there! THANKS!

Speech#3—Informative, Describe a Place

Thoroughly and specifically describe one place in the world to the audience. This can be somewhere that you are very familiar with or somewhere that you would like to know more about. Only inform your audience about this place by being objective with facts, anecdotes, and history. Do not try to persuade your audience to like this place or to go there

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  • Cabal
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    9 years ago
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    A bit of history - first city in..., why the name of Paris, why did the king finally left Paris to live in Versailles, la Commune, 'Paris is worth a mass' 'is Paris burning' (you can look up the quotes)

    A bit of architecture - the great rebuilding of Paris by Napoleon III, why such wide streets (to better shoot the Parisians when they revolted as well as being pretty), Notre Dame saved in extremis, the Eiffel Towel should have been destroyed, the great flood of 1911, the building of the metro

    A bit of facts - Paris population, greater Paris population, the biggest administrative, banking and commercial centre in France

    Government... where are they in Paris

    Tourists: so many... so many...

    the urban legends: oooh lala, striped shirt, smokers, moustache...

    A few local feasts...

    The best known industries

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  • 9 years ago

    You could do something with basic facts about the history of Paris, like when it was founded, how many districts it's broken up into, etc. Then you could include things Paris is famous for, like monuments, the fashion industry, the many bridges, etc.

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  • Orla C
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    9 years ago

    I think the Eiffel Tower would be the obvious place.

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