Do u think i have depression or what.?

I am 20 year old young boy.My college is almost over. My final exams are approaching within a couple of weeks. I found life extremely tough so far.My eyesight is extremely weak.( I have albinism and nystagmus=uncontrollable eye movements )I cant recognize people from some distance. In sunlight my eyesight becomes too horrible.Actually my life is horrible with this disease. Most of the time i m silent, quiet and somewhat depressed also. Every teacher in my college said that i m simple, innocent disciplined boy. I have lived a restricted life so far.I couldnot even see what the teacher iwas teaching in the class.

In big college, i had so much trouble recognizing people and that really hurted me most. Many people turn away from me as they think i ignore them and find me too strange. I cant make eye contact even from a short distance.All of my pevious school frndz went for higher scoped studies like engineering .B C A etc. I being good in study went for simple study which has very little to almost no scope. Its very very difficult for me to get a job. I m really scared what will happen to me in future. I also had very bad times with girls in my college. They too found me too strange which i think i m. .......

i m really frightened what i will do with very little sight in my eyes. I will never be able to compete. i also think that i will never be able to live a normal, healthy life. All these thinkings get me really down. I dont have a gf either. Do u think i have depression. What should i do.??I think i m mentally very upset and disturbed I think i just wasted my life.

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    9 years ago
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    Based upon you said it is very likely that depression is occurring however, I will note that this depression may be biologically linked. I would consult a optometrist in regards to your eye sight and perhaps consider seeing a gp as well as bad vision is also related to things such as diabetes in which case the biochemicals that are in the brain may be in a flux. However, if the gp and optometrist turn out to be dead ends it is possible to see psychologist/psychiatrist who would be able to improve your socialization and confidence issues which will probably reduce your depression. Hope that helps pce.

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