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Speech on Kate middleton?

For my english assessment you have to pretend that theres a hot air balloon full of celbrities and you have to persuade your teacher why your celebrity(kate middleton) should stay on the balloon, I need a speech on how she's helped our country and why she should be saved? thanks x

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    Kate Middleton is not a celebrity but a member of the Royal Family. Having married the third in line to the throne she will one day become Queen. She has become a popular member of the Royal Family being young and pretty. Whatever she wears sells out within hours so she is a brilliant ambassador for British fashion. She wears mainly high street affordable clothing so cannot be accused of flaunting her husbands wealth unlike her deceased mother in law.

    People can relate to Kate as she was not Royal or had a title before she married so is quite ordinary. Kate has undertaken engagements on her own and has been a huge success at them.

    Is that thing called Fergie in the balloon. I could write a lot for her being ditched!

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    Maybe she should be saved just because she is human? That would be an interesting angle.

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